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Content Writing Compendium

Content Writing Compendium is an engaging, practical and totally cost-free e-book about the content writing profession.

Expand your knowledge, get a perspective job and earn money from content creation – without leaving the comfort of your home.

Content Writing Compendium

A comprehensive

E-book on content writing

It’s the golden time to learn the profession which is the cornerstone of online marketing.

You will improve your client’s business results through the creation of professional content.

Read the e-book and become a well-paid content writer. Earn money by making the Internet a better place.

What is included in the

Content writing e-book?

Text types

Use content that brings the most significant business impact.

SEO content writing

Create content according to Google’s search engine guidelines.

Good writers’ habits

Find out what rules to apply to write more quickly and effectively.

Earnings in practice

Price your work correctly and earn even more.

Legal issues

Create a contract that protects you from potential debtors.

Upcoming trends

Find out in what direction you should be developing in the industry.

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    Młoda kobieta pracująca na laptopie z uśmiechem.

    Content writing – why is it worth it?

    Today, content writing is one of the most flourishing industries on the Internet.

    Once you master this profession, you acquire the ability to:

    • establish a brand image
    • increase sales
    • optimise the positioning of a website.

    That is precisely why the demand for content writers is so exceptionally high – and is constantly growing.

    E-book details

    Length – 79 pages

    Format – A5

    Year of publication – 2023

    Develop content faster than your competitors.