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Mission and values

Content Writer trains and partners with the best writers all over the world to produce high-quality content for a variety of business types. We strive to deliver exceptional work to build authority, expertise, and trust in the realm of digital information.

The most important

Content Writer’s mission

Content Writer’s primary goal is to continuously improve the quality of Internet information.

The World Wide Web is a tool that builds upon the knowledge and worldview of future generations. We are responsible for presenting the next generations with trustworthy content.

In the age of Internet disinformation and commercialization process, we take our duty of expertise, authority, and trust very serious.


Publishing content is a great responsibility

It seems that the importance of the potential threat is exaggerated. After all, everyone can see which information is false and which is an advertising content, can’t everyone?

Absolutely not! This kind of thinking comes from people personal perspective, especially after everyone has started using the internet during middle and late adolescence or in adulthood, when the critical view has been already fully developed.

New generations do not have this chance as their first contact with the web begins earlier and earlier. A device with Internet access is no longer a gift for eighteenth birthday or for the First Holy Communion – it becomes an integral element of two and three-year-olds lives.

What are the consequences of this?

For younger generations, the Internet is no longer an information carrier of complementary nature but fundametal character. It interferes with the new generation perception and knowledge more and more – this is a great opportunity, but also a huge challenge as well.

The final effect depends on the path we take. We can unfairly promote products that do not work. We may advertise ingredients and substances that are harmful. We might stealthily smuggle stereotypes, ideologies and political beliefs which are in accordance with clients guidelines – after all they pay, so they require. However, we do not have to do this. There is an alternative.

Our values

If we approach content creation consciously and responsibly, we can create a generally accessible environment in which everyone, regardless of gender, place of birth, skin color, will be able to acquire reliable and objective knowledge.

As an organization that processes a huge amount of information every day, we pay special attention to these. From the very beginning, we take care of:

Ethical content

We refuse serving industries with potential harmful effects such as pseudo-medicine or gambling.

Knowledge promotion

During our work we rely on proven, scientific sources to ensure the best substantive value.

Charity support

We use the power of words to support a lot of foundations such as “Noble hero”.

We release

The potential of human creativity

Our mission cannot be self-fulfilled. That is why we bring together interesting people with a true passion for writing.

In times of ubiquitous automation we place emphasis on cultivating humanistic values.

Our technology does not replace people but serves them, facilitating organization and adjusting tasks to every person competences.

Thanks to this, everyone can experience professional fulfilment and create valuable information based on the subject at which he or she is the best.

Achieved objectives

Few parts of our plans have already turned into reality.

We would like to thank our team for the fact that the shared vision takes real shape.

Remote employment

We provide full access to work for people who live in economically less developed regions.

Equal chances

In the process of creating solutions our team take WCAG 2.1 standards for people with disabilities into account.


We spread our values on the international market and we involve copywriters from all over the world.

ECO digitization

We have fully implemented electronic document workflow to end the waste of paper.

They talk about us

Fulfilled copywriters

I have already worked with many copywriting agencies and I can honestly say that Content Writer is definitely one of the leaders. Most importantly, it is made up of professional, committed, well-organized and friendly people. This is crucial because it allows me to work in comfort and enjoy what I do every day. CW team – thanks for the great atmosphere and the opportunity for development!


Working in Content Writer is pure pleasure – there are people you want to work with, open and friendly, orders that are pleasant to implement, a clear and transparent system, flexibility in the selection of projects and continuous development. What is not there? Fruit Thursdays, time for boredom and moments when the question arises whether it is worth being here. There is no coquetry in it either – that’s just the realities of working at CW 🙂


Cooperation with Content Writer is exemplary. The agency provides many different orders. The terms of cooperation are clear, deadlines are feasible, and payment is always on time. In case of problems and doubts, agency employees are always ready to help and support. What I value most in cooperation with Content Writer is good communication, friendly approach and a constant flow of interesting orders, also in other languages.


I have been cooperating with Content Writer for over 1.5 years. And I can only say good things about cooperation. On the one hand, the selection of topics based on the experience, knowledge and interests of the copywriter is an advantage. On the other hand, cooperation takes place in a super-friendly atmosphere based on mutual trust. I definitely recommend this agency.


I joined Content Writer at the end of last year. I was looking for new challenges and career prospects. Already with the first e-mail I received in response to my CV, I felt the friendly atmosphere of this place, which is undoubtedly one of its most important advantages. The next ones are: clear communication, clear rules of cooperation and interesting, diverse tasks that do not allow you to fall into monotony.


My adventure with Content Writer started with student internships. Already at the stage of searching for the right company, the agency made a good impression on me. The subsequent stages of our cooperation only confirmed that this place allows novice copywriters to spread their wings and prove themselves in a variety of tasks. A friendly attitude to the employee, clear guidelines for each order and efficient communication make the texts a pleasure to create.


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