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Licence conditions

  1. The Content Writer organisation is the owner of the trademark, according to the registration application dated 2021-02-15 with the number Z.524701, exclusive right number R.344089, approved by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.
  2. Content Writer grants a non-exclusive licence to the trademark authorising the use of the trademark in a manner consistent with its intended purpose, applicable laws and good morals, bearing in mind respect for the personal rights, personal data, copyright and intellectual property rights of Content Writer and third parties.
  3. The licence does not authorise the sale, rental, lending, leasing, or sub-licensing of the trademark as either a whole or its individual elements.
  4. In order to ensure that the trademark is distinctively legible and properly displayed, it is necessary to preserve the free space around the trademark. The protective field shall be delimited by a rectangle with a shorter side of 1/2x, where x = the width of the mark. Content Writer trademark
  5. The minimum size of the mark must be observed to ensure adequate legibility. For printed material, the minimum is 4.5 cm wide, and for digital use, it is 120 px wide.
  6. The trademark can be used on imagery promoting the Content Writer brand. The navy blue version of the logo should be used on a white or light background, and the white version of the logo, shall be placed on a dark background.Use in pictures
  7. In order to maintain the integrity and legibility of the logo, beware of misapplication and exposure of the logo. The use and positioning of the logo should be approached with care, bearing in mind that the legibility and integrity of the logo are of paramount importance.

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