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Correction of description or so called proofreading is an extremely useful activity in case of some websites and online stores. Sometimes a slight modification is enough for the text to bring double benefits. That is why we will try to answer the question of how to implement the correction of the texts.

What is correction of the texts?

The correction of descriptions is the content „modernization”, which consist in adapting text to SEO and eliminating language mistakes. The consequence of it are an increased attractiveness of descriptions, an increase in organic traffic on the website and the improvement in the frequency of desired conversions.

Therefore, the appropriate correction of descriptions brings many benefits, the most important of which is profit. Updating the text makes it more effective and let it perform its tasks better. In order to put it even more simple, let’s go over all the benefits of descriptive adjustments.

Correction of the texts – benefits

Descriptive content has two main goals: to convince to convert and to increase visibility in the search engine. Regardless of which is more important to us, they always exist together. However, measurable results are not everything, as adjustments allow us to gain benefits in other areas too. Let’s find out why descriptive adjustments are made.

Improve your SEO results

In order for your content to be visible, it must have a sufficient volume. There is a reason why an important marketing element among online stores are comprehensive product descriptions and category descriptions.

We can discuss many issues if it comes to copywriting, however, there is one fact that should be taken into account: the more valuable information, the better.

Correction of the texts contributes to better positioning by adding key phrases, creating a clear SEO structure and increasing text volume.

Of course, the amount of modification depends on the missing element, but only the combination of these factors brings the optimal results.

Moreover, Google looks politely on any changes within the website. That is why regular adjustments and corrections can be a good complement to your Content Marketing Strategy.

Increase sales

More efficient positioning increases the pool of potential customers, but that is not all. Correction of the texts gives them a persuasive character that prompts users and recipients to buy or convert. As a result, the direct effectiveness of the content increases the same way as the desired sales. Is there anything more important to the description than its proper functioning. This is the basic aim and mission of proofreading!

Be professional and gain trust in the eyes of recipients

The modernization of the text includes the elimination of linguistic mistakes, which makes the content fully correct. Although high-quality texts are appreciated more and more often by search engines and educated people, mistakes remain visible to everyone.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that the correction implies the full linguistic correctness of the text, which shows the professionalism of the company it represents. The fact that customers are eager to choose a brand that makes a good impression on them may sound trivial. However, that is why the positioning, conversion efficiency, but also “beautiful form” of the text influence the final profits.

Correction of the texts – for who?

Generally speaking, only companies that conduct marketing activities on the Internet will benefit from the correction of descriptions. However, the extent of the modification depends on the quality of the original texts.

It is a fact that proofreading is recommended to websites and online stores where descriptions (of services or products) were made carelessly or whether those do not met the principles of SEO copywriting.

Modernization is also recommended to websites that have posted “positioned” content before 2011. Why? It is related to the Panda search engine algorithm as it banishes every low-quality text. Useful and “natural” descriptions are safe of course, but the excess of key phrases, which was a common practice at that time, should be removed. Obviously, this is a perfunctory comment, as nearly all entrepreneurs have learned this over the past 8 years, and the keyword glut refers to local sites from that time that extinct.

Customers are eager to choose a brand that makes a good impression on them.

How to implement correction of the texts?

Correction of the texts that has been well-carried out significantly improve content functionality. Therefore, we will present how to do a correction in a few simple steps.

Access the CMS

If you are a copywriter, firstly you must request access to a content management system (CMS) to optimize the content to the greatest extent possible.

Make the necessary changes to the content

The key task of the description is to bring a substantive value. If the content is poor or the knowledge of the specific branch of industry has been “updated” in recent years, do not be afraid to update the text – it will bring benefits in case of SEO.

Bold sentences that contain key phrases

The bold part of the text is an obvious sign to the search engine that the information contained in it is more important. Try to include the keywords on which you base the positioning of your description in those fragments. If the text is short, bold only the most important phrases.

Use headings if possible

Whenever you deal with longer descriptions, consider adding headings to make the text clear and extract keywords.

Descriptions proofreading is a time-consuming but simple challenge. SEO optimization is quite easy task, but the biggest difficulties may be caused by a qualitative change of texts. Expanding the information contained in it is the task in which you should put an extra effort.

Correction of the texts - FAQ

Below, we present answers to the frequently asked questions

Should I justify the text I correct and proofread?

Justifying the content increases readability, but unfortunately only on paper. Recipients use different devices to surf on internet, so the text display will be different too. You could have seen lines stretching for longer words, but it is not desirable. In our opinion, the correction should not justify the text. What is more, such procedure does not affect SEO in any way.

Is correction of descriptions a must?

While proofreading can bring many benefits in terms of marketing, it is only a website modernization. Therefore, it is not necessary, but useful for business purposes.

In practice, however, most people do not regularly modify texts, mostly because it is an additional investment, and realizing what the benefits are requires e-commerce knowledge. In addition, the approach of creating new content instead of modifying the old one is much more popular.

Such strategies seems to be correct for the most part. The intrusion of descriptive corrections requires an individual approach and often, if old content does not adversely affect SEO or user opinion, the investments in new content and website expansion are more profitable. As in the case of other copywriting branches, decision should be preceded by a detailed financial analysis.

What are the benefits of proofreading?

These are, among others, refreshing and improving the website content – it has an image-related impact and improve SEO. Consequently, it generates more traffic from search engines and increases website business potential.


  1. Correction of the text and proofreading are based on content modification to increase its clarity, conversion rate, as well as to improve SEO results.
  2. It is recommended for online stores where products might have been described incorrectly. It is also worth focusing on if you want the company website to increase offer attractiveness or to eliminate unnecessary linguistic mistakes.
  3. The application of the correction, as well as the benefits can be described as “flexible”. Therefore, the order must result from an individual marketing decisions. Websites on which low-quality texts have been posted will gain the most benefits from correction of the texts.

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