Links vs. content – what to choose?

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There are two ways to get high positions in the search engine: obtaining external links, as well as solid content. Which one is more effective? You will learn about it in the following article.

Content or links?

The question of whether it is better to invest in content on the site or in gaining links is poorly formulated. These are not mutually exclusive either-or processes. Both solutions have their uses, so focusing on one path means choosing an incomplete strategy.

The main difference lies in the scope of work carried out: in the case of content, the website is developed internally, and in the case of linking, activities are carried out outside the website.

But let’s take a closer look at both solutions.


Content (eng. content) are all texts on the website that are visible to recipients. They can be constantly developed by adding subpages or blog articles. Thanks to the use of key phrases, they start to be displayed in the search engine, generating traffic on the website.

On this principle, an extensive portal is more visible than a small business card page. Simply put, it occupies a larger piece of the Internet, which clearly shows how important content is for positioning.


  • increases positioning
  • builds an expert brand image
  • ensures stable results, because the content is constantly on the site
  • allows you to promote precise key phrases


  • the effects take time, and in the case of poor execution, they may not appear
  • implementation is difficult and time-consuming


External links are links placed on other sites that link to the actual site. In this way, they increase its credibility towards search engine algorithms. This results in an increase in position and visibility, bringing the same effect as in the case of content – more traffic on the site.

Pages with a rich link profile are better perceived by Google, and their content is much easier to promote. Similarly, the lack of incoming links can reduce the effects of even the most interesting expert articles.


  • increase positioning
  • they are quick to add
  • allow you to promote precise keywords
  • generate additional traffic by clicking on links by external users


  • may disappear over time, which reduces their effect
  • in case of poor execution, they expose the page to penalties from search engines

What to choose – linking or texts?

The best answer is both.

Their effects are synergistic, which means that links increase the strength of content, and solid content optimizes link performance.

None of the above solutions can be omitted when planning an effective positioning strategy.

However, if you are just starting e-marketing activities and your website is new, first take care of professional content that will additionally affect the image of your brand. Positioning is a long-term process, so there will still be time to acquire links, while early publication of articles can save you additional waiting for results in the future.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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