How to write great articles?

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Knowing how to write a good article can significantly affect the results you get. Contemporary texts are not ordinary notes, but they meet a number of conditions. which ones? We write about it in the following article.

What makes a good article?

Effective content always takes into account the assumed marketing goals, as well as the audience, so that the message is clear and tailored to the needs of readers.

The invariable features of a good article are:

  • creativity
  • uniqueness
  • clarity
  • reliability

What’s more, taking into account the fact that more and more texts go to the Internet, another important element is adapting the content to the requirements of search engines. Such a procedure is performed as part of SEO copywriting and is still gaining in importance.

How to write a good article?

Creating the right article is a multi-stage process that consists of:

  • An idea for an article
  • Analysis and selection of key phrases
  • Structure planning
  • Writing text
  • Content optimization for SEO

We can see that the writing process itself is the final element of the whole task. The earlier steps are no less important, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Come up with an idea

Easy to say, harder to do, right? Not necessarily, because nowadays the Internet offers many tools to support the creativity of a copywriter. The most popular of them is AnswerThePublic, which generates many topic suggestions based on a key phrase.

So if you want to write an article, but you are confused about where to start – first specify an interesting topic that will be a reference point. Ideally, it should be searched quite often and relatively uncompetitive. It sounds like a dream, but fortunately, it can be realized – for this purpose, you need to define the right phrases, which we will discuss in the next step.

Choose keywords

Keywords are words that a user types into a search engine. Choosing the right phrase will allow you to display the article to more people.

Słowo kluczowe

Unfortunately, with high popularity, there is a chance that other companies will also fight for it – so you should make some kind of compromise and choose a keyword with a favorable proportion. In other words, a phrase that is too general will be competitive, which will delay or prevent the visibility of the article, while a phrase that is too niche will not generate any traffic on the site.

You can perform this procedure in two ways. The first is a manual search, which consists in entering a given phrase and specifying competing pages. If large portals appear, it is a sign that the word is too short, so it should be expanded. You can easily do this by looking at ready-made suggestions from Google.

The second way is more “professional” and consists in using a keyword search engine, or more precisely, a dedicated tool that determines the popularity and competitiveness of phrases based on specific numerical data. This solution is definitely more accurate, but it involves the cost of purchasing the program.

Plan construction

A clear structure of information is crucial for the article to be attractive and well positioned. For this purpose, it is necessary to specify what messages are the most important, and then, based on them, correctly write out headings for SEO.

The rule here is quite simple: the main issue (title) consists of subordinate information (H2 headings), which are described by smaller H3 headings, etc.


As the main subject of consideration, let’s define the phrase “What running shoes to choose.” The subheadings that refer to the title are “summer shoes” and “winter shoes” – after all, the choice of footwear depends on the season, so it is worth separating this information. Then we can refine the issue of “summer shoes” by adding smaller headings “summer shoes under $30” and “summer shoes over $30”. Thanks to this, we additionally narrow down the information to a specific price range, expanding the range of keywords for which an article can be searched.

Why add headers?

A structure arranged in this way for SEO brings a number of benefits.

First, users can find the information they need more easily. If someone is looking for summer running shoes on a budget of $30, they do not have to read the entire article, but just read this one headline. Thanks to this, it will save time, and the website will make a better impression on it, influencing the image effects. Secondly – as we have already mentioned – using keywords in many variations improves the visibility of the article. For this reason, the extension of the phrase can generate additional traffic to the website.

One might say, two birds with one stone. Undoubtedly, a good article must contain well-structured headings that guarantee a clear structure of the content.

Write a good article

At this stage, we have a specific title, key phrases, and headlines. All that remains is to start writing a good article! This is the most obvious stage, about which, ironically, we can say the least. This is because a professional article will look different for each company. It is closely related to the specific target group, industry and the scope of the information discussed.

However, it can be assumed that a good article is one that meets all the features listed at the beginning. What’s more, it should be preceded by research to create content based only on reliable sources. A bibliography below the text is welcomed by both readers and search engine algorithms.

If you want to see what professional content looks like in practice, check out our copywriting portfolio.

Perform SEO

The last step in creating an article is nothing more than a set of several features that must be implemented to maximize visibility in the search engine. We include:

  • internal linking
  • meta-description and meta-title
  • adding a photo to the article

In addition, it is worth doing formatting, i.e. adding paragraphs, bolding the most important information, highlighting definitions, etc. An attractive article will always be rated better than plain text without colors.


  • Creating a professional article is a multi-stage process in which the most important roles are played by: an encouraging title, relevant keywords, a clear structure of information, reliable and interesting content, as well as optimization in terms of positioning.
  • Following these steps will maximize your business results.
  • A good article can have a significant impact on sales results, but first you need to write it properly. We hope that after this guide you already know how to do it.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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