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Traditional forms of advertising are still making room for online promotion. However, this does not change the fact that the leaflet is a cheap and effective solution to reach a large audience just outside the window of your office. When deciding on such an investment, you should have rules of creating professional content in mind. In the article below, we will discuss how to write effective texts for your advertising flyer.

Texts for the leaflet – rules

Texts printed on the leaflets are type of sales content. That means that they are written in the language of benefits – they inform the recipients about the benefits of the purchase. In addition, they are characterized by attractive form and light reading form, which purpose is to catch attention.

Let’s face it – the widespread of leaflets made people throw them in the trash immediately. For this reason, the leaflet content must be original and inventive in order to draw attention to your offer.

Let’s discuss the rules of how to write text for leaflets.

Enlarge and bold the most important information

Majority of people only read the content of the flyer for the first few seconds. They lose interest quickly. Make sure that your message is clear, so as the subject of the leaflet is understandable even if recipient “have a glance”. Printing a homogeneous block of text is the biggest mistake to be made – people react frequently according to the “figure-background” scheme. Always remember to highlight the most important words!

Write directly to the recipient

Quite important element is the usage of “you”. Inform your readers about the benefits of taking advantage of your offer.

Leaflet content must be original and inventive in order to draw attention to your offer.

Call to action

It is obvious that the leaflet not only informs but also encourages. Therefore, call-to-action phrases such as “Come”, “Contact us” etc. can be helpful. As trivial as it sounds, this practice significantly increases the effectiveness of your sales content.

Put it simply

Although the „artistic” phrases may seem ambitious, we need to focus on the simplicity if it comes to the texts for the leaflet. Content is shown directly to large audience, and people usually do not like to strain their brains unnecessarily. Remember that we fight only for a few seconds of attention in the first place, not for respect for the structure of sentences and rich vocabulary.

Make sure you are flawless

Nobody pays attention to the correct form, but linguistic errors are always visible and can discredit company. The texts for the leaflet do not require extensive content, so additional correction will not take much time. Instead, it will eliminate possible typos.

Note that the leaflet is distributed to everyone. If we want effective content, it must be accessible to everyone. Thus, simplicity, language of benefits, as well as the extraction of the most important information are copywriting techniques that have been proven to be successful if it comes to general population. The graphic design is equally important – it should harmonize with the content and highlight key information.


  1. Texts for the leaflet are sales content that presents the offer in an attractive way to numerous, unspecified recipients.
  2. For this reason, the information must be clear, simple and interesting in order to draw attention of as many people as possible.
  3. Although flyers are losing their popularity, they can still be an effective marketing tool.
  4. Professional content is a key element that determines the sales potential of such advertising materials.

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