Freelance copywriter or copywriting agency? Which one to choose?

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You develop your company – the first orders came, customers get to know your website – this is the perfect time to take care of your image. An attractive offer, a beautifully presented mission of the company, encouragement to buy … these are the goals which you can achieve by choosing two paths – the one of “freelance copywriter” or another that is taking copywriting agency into account. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, so today we will briefly answer the question we asked in the title. Our discussion will be supported by practical examples.

Freelance copywriter – pros and cons

Cooperation with a copywriter is, or seems to be, the simplest and safest solution. Who else will implement orders that have been sent late in the evening, give any advice, answer your questions or provide corrections quickly?

This makes freelance copywriters conquer the microentrepreneur market. They usually cooperate with a few regular companies. Easy and quick contact, efficient implementation, as well as flexible arrangements are features that cannot be required from a bigger agency.

However, the situation becomes more complicated as time goes by, when the company grows, more and more customers come, and doubts arise. Is the requested content really appropriate? Is it based on the latest SEO principles?

Along with the development of the company, new requirements and expectations arise. It is difficult to face them alone.

It is also a moment when the initiative is taken over by a qualified team of copywriters.

Copywriting agency – benefits and drawbacks

When the income starts to increase and the client wants to invest in the development of professional content, the copywriting agency will be there. The work is carried out several times faster, the texts are created by experts, while the company receives copywriting strategies and advices on what to do next.

Although the contact does not take place late in the evening and the modifications are implemented within two days in such a case, there should be no problems in terms of the cooperation.

Freelancer or an agency – who wins this battle in terms of copywriting?

As you can see from the above example, there is no winner or a loser.

Choosing a freelance writer or a team of copywriters brings specific solutions and a work culture that is adequate to a specific stage of the company’s development.

Because of that, start-up entrepreneurs will usually be more satisfied with the services of a freelance copywriter, as a high autonomy in arrangements, constant contact, as well as a low price for 1000 characters with spaces are features that are desirable at the beginning.

In turn, a copywriting agency will be better and more optimal choice of copywriting for a large companies, mostly because processing capacity, broad possibilities and quality of the content are usually its strengths.

The right choice is a matter of your own expectations and the company’s needs. There is no universal answer to the question of who to choose – a freelance copywriter or a copywriting agency.

Freelancer or an agency – an example

To sum up, we decided to present two opposing situations:


Mr. Damian have started his own business – online shop. He needs descriptions for his top five t-shirts. The budget that can be allocated for this purpose is 100 USD. He would like to do it within two days and have it overnight in order to start promoting the website. After seeking advice, he decided to choose a copywriting agency, but problems arose immediately.

Signing a contract would be easy, but Mr. Damian did not have a printer or scanner nearby. After returning from the photocopying post, another problem arose – the analysis of competing key phrases, as well as the development of the specificity, individual character of the content and creation of descriptions takes three working days. The final price surprised Mr. Damian, as it was 200 USD.

As you can see, choosing an agency was not an optimal decision for him, despite the fact that the descriptions were great and interesting. Unfortunately, Mr. Damian neglected other marketing issues and his store quickly collapsed. The agency, despite the perfect texts, did not contribute to the success of the novice owner in any way.

Now, let’s discuss another case of study:


The FLOWER company runs a thriving e-commerce platform. Rising revenues prompted management to decide to invest in effective content that would increase sales. After placing an advertisement on a popular group in social media, they chose the first candidates who, without any unnecessary questions, got to work according to the provided guidelines.

Unfortunately, the lawyers had to prepare a copyright transfer agreement a moment earlier, as the freelancer did not have one. After a while they came – ordered descriptions were just waiting to be released to the world. They seemed to be correct, the mistakes were only in three places and these were only commas, so there was no need to bother the management. The description brought website traffic, but there was a problem with the next wholesale order – the copywriter needed 40 days to complete it, which is unacceptable for a platform development. Even though, the company had to move on – it turns out, however, that each subsequent description received from the freelance copywriter is slightly different, there is no common part, and mistakes are more and more frequent; after all, with the twenty-eighth description, the light bulb of creativity in the writer’s head begins to overheat.

The management board of the FLOWER company made a big mistake when they decided to hire a freelance copywriter. Their needs required a team of qualified specialists.


  • There is no ready-made answer to the question of whether it is better to choose an agency or a freelancer.
  • Each solution has specific properties that meet the needs of specific entrepreneurs.
  • In order to make the right decision, it is necessary to specify at what stage the company’s marketing is, what content it needs, in what quantity and what is the budget for such an investment.

Bartosz Ciesielski

Experienced copywriter who explores the secrets of marketing and positioning. In his articles, he refers to the contemporary achievements of psychology and the philosophy of language, creating cross-sectional content. As a member of the Content Writer team, he takes care of technological and organizational solutions that increase the quality of work. Privately, he reads a lot of books, learns new languages ​​and composes piano pieces.


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