Where to look for and how to choose the best copywriter?

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Companies in need of professional content often wonder how to choose a copywriter. Where should you look for the representative of this profession in order to establish effective cooperation?

How to choose copywriter?

When deciding to start cooperation with copywriter, you must choose the right candidate that will be able to achieve company’s marketing goals. You have three options:

  • social networks
  • advertising portals
  • websites
    Each has its pros and cons, so the decision should go along with the company needs.

Social networks

Facebook groups are quite popular among copywriters. Every post that invites to cooperation and contact receive many comments and responses from them.

When placing an advertisement on a thematic group, you will quickly get a few messages from people that are interested in cooperation with your company.

That is why Facebook is a good option if you want someone to execute your order asap. In addition, a wide selection of offer let you choose which copywriter “suits” your budget.

Unfortunately, there is many extra students or people with no competences among the potential candidates. Facebook announcement always go hand in hand with responses not only from professional freelancers, but also novice writers. If you are unfamiliar with copywriting, then the risk of making random decision is higher.

LinkedIn is an option that we may call safer. However, it is usually associated with a higher price. It is an ideal portal whenever you want to contact reliable and experience copywriter, but in this case we have less professionals to choose from.

Advertising portals

A good alternative to social media are advertising portals where copywriters place their offers. Strong competition and a detailed self-presentation are the features that make it easier to make the right choice at an affordable price.

Strong competition and a detailed self-presentation are the features that make it easier to make the right choice at an affordable price.

If you are not looking for a remote copywriter and want to start local cooperation instead, advertising portals are a great solution. Location search combined with the advantages mentioned makes it the best choice for companies that want to hire a copywriter for their office.

On the other hand, advertising websites are usually a prime promotion tool for amateur writers. The ad can be posted quickly and completely for free, so there will be many reliable offers, but also less affordable approaches. As in the case of social networks, you need to be careful while making your choice. Get familiar with many offers. Do not be afraid to ask about experience from specific branch of industry or for copywriting portfolio.


Companies that do not know where to look for copywriter (that is a guarantee of effectiveness) draw their attention to search engines. In this case, it is the best decision that could have been made, mostly because websites that will be presented to you belong to experienced and professional copywriters.

If you do not want to expose yourself to dilettante cooperation, this solution is the most optimal. Unfortunately, the particular choice results in higher price, which is a natural consequence of creating effective texts.

Choosing a copywriter on the basis of website that have been presented is especially beneficial for large companies that want copywriter to create a lot of content.

People that are well-established on the writing market are prepared to carry out large orders. It is worth noting that rate for 1000 characters with spaces is much lower if it the cooperation is constant. That way you receive content of the highest quality at more affordable price.

Considering that piece of information, we can conclude that company websites are not a good place to look for copywriter for micro-entrepreneurs. If you do not have budget to invest in professional content, head to Facebook or OLX in order to find offers that you will pay less for.

The best place to choose copywriter

As you can see, each solution has advantages and disadvantages, although we are talking mora about probability than fixed rules. So, if you still have doubts about where to look for a copywriter, define the specific needs of your company.

When formulating your requirements, consider:

  • the quality and quantity of the content that you want to order
  • pricing that is acceptable for you
  • completion date
  • the possibility of issuing an invoice

After you specify and answer to above issues, right decision will be much easier for you to make.


  1. Finding a candidate who meets your requirements is the basis of successful cooperation.
  2. You can search and look through advertising portals, publish an entry in the thematic group on social media, as well as look for the offer on the websites that have been presented to you by Google search engine.
  3. Every option is good. However, the optimal choice depends on the company’s need for professional content. That is why you should specify your requirements first in order to know where the copywriter you are looking for will be found the fastest.

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