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Internal linking is just like the cherry on top of a cake – it brings measurable results just with a few activities. There is a lot at stake, as the benefits gained this way improve both positioning and user experience. Find out how to perform internal linking!

What is internal linking?

Internet linking is part of SEO optimization. It consists of providing links to other URLs within your website.

This way, the content redirect readers to issues that have been discusses in other articles.

An example SEO optimization is the link given above. You are reading a text about linking just right now, but if you want to get familiar with the whole process of text improvement, then one click and simple link are enough.

Internal linking effects

The result is priceless. Wikipedia, among others, has experiences this. After all, it is a model of a website with extensive internal linking.

Facilitating website navigation

The numerous references make reading bear fruits, as it allows you to get to know many minor issues. As a result, the information is comprehensive and comes along with complete autonomy in selecting the content according to the reader interests.

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Along with it, the time spent on a website increases – it affects brand recognition. Moreover, the detail of the information builds brand authority.

In case of company website it is clear – the interest in the offer is growing, which in turn influence a greater number of inquires.

Visibility in Google

Positioning is due to the fact that the search engine manages to display the relevant results, and websites with extensive internal linking are considered to be more interesting and credible. This is a reason why Wikipedia is ranked so high in the ranking!

A crawl budget plays an important role here too, that is the number of subpages that Google robots could index during visit. As they move through the website, they make an optimal use of the budget.

So, should you implement as many links as possible, your website will be ranked higher in search engine. This, in turn, increases website traffic and drives potential customers attention.

How to do internal linking?

Placing internal links is done correctly only when it makes website navigation as simple as that.

It is the only rule. However, there are no ready-made solutions. Adding links depends on the created content and subpages that exists, so it is different every time.

However, you should pay attention to the number of links and their type.

Frequency of adding references

Too many links make the text difficult to read, while few ones do not make use of their potential.

That is why you have to moderate, pay attention and add internal links every 500-1500 characters with spaces.

Type of references

Anchor text is the part of content and a link you must click on to move to another website.

The anchors look just like that:

  • URL – for example
  • brand name – Content Writer
  • article title – for example np. SEO company – what stays behind positioning?
  • key phrase (exact match) – “SEO texts”
  • changed key phrase (partial match) – “blog articles”
  • zero match – “check it out”
  • banner – linking in the graphic

It is worth diversifying internal linking; however, the link should carry a concise and specific information to be perceived as user-friendly. For this reason, avoid zero match anchors and do not overdo URLs.

Internal linking - FAQ

You found out how to implement links in your texts. In order for you to better understand the broader context of such issue, we will answer a few questions.

How to make internal linking more effective?

Both Google robots and users would rather receive useful information than dull facts, that is why you have to take care of the appropriate “environment” for those links. The article should be credible, substantive and interesting to bring results. Maintain a clear structure of the text, and complete your meta-descriptions. It all comes to a simple statement – do not to allow weak link to emerge. After all, many factors affect the final result.

It is also recommended to modify former and older articles by updating links regularly. For example, it is worth doing internal linking in case of a new article about content marketing whenever the word “content marketing” makes an appearance. The new text gains links and the older content is refreshed.

How is internal linking different from external linking?

As the name suggests, internal links direct the user to another place within the same website. External linking, in turn, helps recipients move to separate websites.

Internal linking or external linking? What to choose?

There is no rule which option has proven to be more effective. Both are equally important as internal links facilitate website navigation and affects users’ convenience. On the other hand, external linking increases the website credibility, improve positioning and generate additional traffic. That is why it could be said effects are coming together.

It is worth noting, however, that impression is becoming an increasingly important ranking factor, so internal linking gain in importance, as opposed to external one. That is due to the growing competence and experience of Google’s algorithms – those can even analyze behavioral factors now!

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