Chat GPT and copywriting – can AI create excellent content?

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Do you know why copywriters always type for so long? Because they can’t find the word “end”! This is a joke made up by Chat GPT – a tool that caused a lot of confusion on the global Internet at the end of 2022. Let’s take a closer look at this solution and see if artificial intelligence can replace an experienced copywriter!

What is GPT chat and how does it work?

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence system created by OpenAI.

Chat GPT is trained on a large corpus of text from the internet, up until 2021. It can use this data to answer questions, generate various types of text (including articles, stories, and even poetry), perform translations, and solve mathematical problems.

Its advanced natural language processing algorithms, extensive capabilities, and ability to learn from external data have contributed to its immense popularity.

Chat GPT Questions

Chat GPT has the ability to generate text that closely resembles human-like responses. However, can it work as a copywriter or, as suggested by a significant number of people, replace them in brand promotion?

Chat GPT, an imperfect tool

Chat GPT, despite its initial appearance as a comprehensive system, has several limitations and imperfections. The first issue is its outdated database. As mentioned earlier, the system relies on content published on the internet up until 2021, which means it won’t provide answers to questions regarding current events.

ChatGPT about current events

However, that’s not all. Here are a few other issues that Chat GPT faces in its current developmental stage:

  • Errors in generated content: Chat GPT is based on the English language and doesn’t perform as well in Polish. It may make stylistic, punctuation, syntactical, and even spelling errors, so the content it generates should be carefully reviewed.
  • Errors in responses: These errors can occur in calculations as well as the information provided by the bot. Moreover, the tool usually doesn’t provide sources, so relying on its “knowledge” without any verification can lead to costly consequences.
  • Lack of contextual understanding: Artificial intelligence is unable to comprehend the surrounding reality. It relies on existing data that it can process, but it cannot holistically perceive the generated text, resulting in various mistakes and omissions.
  • Lack of emotions: Chat GPT is a machine designed to mimic a human, but it will never truly be one. It doesn’t feel or recognize basic emotions, which are crucial in areas like marketing communication. It also lacks a sense of humor, as we demonstrated at the beginning of this article. 🙂
  • Issues in understanding questions: When using the tool, it’s best to stick to simple statements. The more complex the question, the higher the likelihood that Chat GPT won’t be able to answer it or will provide incorrect information.

ChatGPT Questions

How does Google view Chat GPT content?

Google is open to content created by AI, but it emphasizes that the quality and usefulness of content play a crucial role in website evaluation. Google utilizes advanced systems to assess content relevance and employs tools to identify spam-like characteristics. This means that Google can recognize content generated by artificial intelligence.

In practice, excessive reliance on text generated by Chat GPT may yield unintended consequences. You can find more information on this topic here.

How can Chat GPT support copywriters?

All the limitations of artificial intelligence, although they pose significant challenges, do not disqualify Chat GPT as an assistant in content creation.

On the contrary, it can be an incredibly useful tool, as long as you don’t blindly trust it and verify the factual value of its responses while correcting any errors it may make.

So, what can you use Chat GPT for?

  • You can use it for generating low-quality content, such as filler or backlink-oriented texts. However, it’s important to note that such content is unlikely to be appreciated by internet users or by search engines like Google. Therefore, it’s advisable to exercise caution when publishing such content.

ChatGPT copywriter responsibilities

  • For creating article titles, Chat GPT can indeed be a great support for those in need of inspiration. It can generate titles quite effectively, providing suggestions within seconds.

ChatGPT about content marketing

  • For quick answers to simple questions, Chat GPT can replace Google and provide you with fairly detailed information on a given topic.

ChatGPT question about marketing

  • For creating simple outlines, artificial intelligence can assist you in generating a text plan and overcoming writer’s block. It can help in organizing your thoughts and providing structure to your writing.

ChatGPT article outline

As evident, Chat GPT has considerable potential in copywriting. It can serve as a valuable source of inspiration and support in tasks that are more “technical” in nature, providing a foundation for creating high-quality content.

However, we do not recommend relying on Chat GPT for proofreading and error correction in texts. While it can partially handle this task, its abilities in terms of syntax and punctuation are not at the highest level.

Can Chat GPT replace a copywriter?

This is a question that many creators have been asking themselves for several months, fearing for their future. Let’s start by giving voice to Chat GPT:

Can ChatGPT replace a copywriter?

Several hours of analyzing the tool’s performance have reinforced our belief that Chat GPT cannot replace an experienced copywriter. While it efficiently generates simple texts that can serve as a basis for further refinement or as a source of links and keywords, it cannot provide high-quality, error-free content.

One particular issue is the correctness of the texts. It is evident that the tool was created in English and has not fully mastered Polish punctuation and syntax rules. The sentences generated by Chat GPT are uncomplicated, lacking significant creativity, and painfully generic. This means that creating a specialized blog based on them, which would be eagerly visited by hundreds of potential clients, is impossible.

An even greater limitation is the lack of understanding of human emotions, needs, and problems, including those of the customer. At the current stage of development, artificial intelligence cannot create a creative product description or a slogan that captures attention and leads to increased sales. Here is an example:

ChatGPT conducting keyword research

Chat GPT is based on what already exists. It is unable to play with language, juggle words, and appeal to the language of benefits in the same way as an experienced copywriter. Its generality, lack of awareness of current trends, and absence of passion, which are crucial in creating marketing content, currently disqualify artificial intelligence as a means of building a strong brand or gaining popularity in the digital world.

Out of curiosity, we generated a text with the same title as this article. Two paragraphs caught our attention, confirming everything we mentioned above:

ChatGPT article

However, the above words also indicate that artificial intelligence can draw accurate conclusions, which is why it can provide support in copywriting. However, it is highly unlikely that it can completely replace a copywriter.

Chat GPT is currently in the testing phase and is an open and freely available tool. You can try it out yourself to explore its capabilities – we recommend doing so as it can be a truly enjoyable experience!


  • Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence system that responds to user questions based on content published on the internet. The tool is not perfect and can make factual and linguistic errors, while also lacking the ability to sense emotions and context.
  • Chat GPT can provide support to copywriters by serving as a source of inspiration or a way to overcome creative blocks. However, using Chat GPT to create high-quality content for brand promotion is not recommended.
  • Due to its lack of understanding of customer needs and unfamiliarity with the language of benefits, artificial intelligence cannot currently replace a professional copywriter.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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