Marketing goals – how to create them? What to pay attention to?

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There is no need to educate people how important is role of the Internet in case of marketing in 2021.The average person’s first thought if it comes to search anything (a service, an online shop, the product or information) is to take smartphone and use an Internet search engine. For this reason, all entrepreneurs should be aware that presence in Google ranking is extremely important as it can result in company potential development.

Does it really matter that we offer better products than X company, if the one created by our competitor is displayed higher (above us) in Google search results? What comes with it, our competitor has better advertising, and the users come across their products more often. As a result, the recipients choose X company. Of course, we want to avoid such situation. That is why today we will discuss how to plan your marketing goals and strategy in the grasps of Internet effectively.

Marketing goal – how to create it?

Let’s start from the beginning. If it seems to you that setting a few goals for your company for this year is not a matter of great effort, it might be good to stop at this point for a moment.

A well-formulated marketing goal has several features that distinguish it from a concept or vision.

It is specific

”Become a leader in your branch of industry” sounds like a thing we all desire, of course. However, we want to be more specific. What does “the leader” mean? Is it either most recognizable brand or the most frequently purchased product? What period does it refer to? This lead us to the next characteristic.

It is measurable

Let’s describe the goal with the specific values. Quantity. Value. Deadline. Thanks to these, we will be able to precisely observe whether our strategy is bringing results.

It is in the right place in the hierarchy of goals

It is worth developing goals we have set with a hierarchy in our mind. Some of them may be more urgent, while other might not be implemented until the required conditions are met. Appropriate structure and sequencing of the target will certainly streamline and speed up the whole process.

It is possible to implement

How should we understand it? Sometimes our goal may be too broad or too general. In such case, it is better to separate it into two, three or even more components. Low complexity let you identify potential „defects” easier, of course if something goes wrong.

It is like a ladder. Precisely defined and clear marketing goals are like the ladder rungs that allow you to climb up. The rungs must be solid, as well as placed relatively close to each other. Otherwise, climbing will be problematic and take much longer than it takes with well-fixed and stable elements.

What should our marketing goals be about?

We have been already armed with theoretical knowledge (and a neat metaphor). So, let’s get to the point. We want to provide our company with the greatest possible recognition on the Internet, which will bring measurable benefits, of course.

However, the doubts may arise as to what should we focus on. We might have the wrong impression of what is essential and what comes later. Therefore, we present the main aspects of website development below. They are definitely worth paying attention to.

„Appearance” and functionality

Firstly, let’s focus on the visual experience. For an average term we search for, millions of results will pop up in the search engine. Whether the client does not like something on our website (even a small aesthetic element, despite the solid merit), he or she still has hundreds of alternatives to choose. That is why the recipient will close our website unscrupulous.

We can not blame our customers, but it is worth ensuring that our website is both visually attractive and technically efficient. The first impression is essential – it is one of the 4 most important factors in the 4 C’S formula.

SEO/SEM optimization

These are key elements if it comes to positioning your website in organic search results.

SEM is search engine marketing. It includes paid advertising, thanks to which your website will appear at the head of the search results for a given phrase. SEO is a part of it, which consists in creating or adjusting the content on the website (and the parameters of the page) to gain greater visibility on Google.

As for the so-called on-site SEO (activities within the website), the correction of existing materials in terms of “attractiveness” for search engine algorithms plays an important role.

Content Marketing

Texts placed on the website are so-called content. Every text it contains counts as content.

So, how to understand content marketing? It is nothing less than the provision of appropriate content that comes along with the texts on the website. An interesting description of the products available in your online shop, engaging blog articles that create an image, as well as the effective content that encourage recipients to use the services your company provide – content marketing category is extensive and can be approached from either side.


We have highlighted some important aspects of website development that you should pay attention to when planning your marketing strategy. With clearly defined goals, there is nothing else to do than… implement your strategy!

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By education - philologist / linguist, by current profession - proofreader and copywriter, by interest - a bit of everything. He enjoys writing, reading both prose and non-fiction (mainly scientific), watching horror movies, training martial arts, trying new things.

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