What is inbound marketing and when to use it?

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Inbound marketing is an innovative concept in recent years. It is a great way to gain valuable customers. Nowadays, when companies are fighting fiercely with their competitors, going beyond traditional advertising forms may turn out to be a bull’s eye. For this reason, we will analyze what inbound marketing is and whether it is worth using. All of this in today’s article.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a business strategy based on conveying the value that interested customers are looking for, while they get acquainted with the offer.

In other words, the recipients voluntarily view the advertising messages attached to the presented material. However, a prerequisite for the company is to create value that will attract users. It can be an interesting blog article, interesting graphics, as well as a training or a webinar.

After reading and looking at the material, potential customers identify the sender, which directs them to a purchasing decision.

Inbound marketing is an effective solution to build brand recognition, create an image of an expert and, finally, sale.

This is the complete opposite of the outbound marketing, according to which we traditionally display advertisements to recipients. The presentation of the offer against their will cause looses in popularity. Companies also face a lot of competition, which results in higher costs, and moreover, advertisements are displayed to a large, but random group of recipients. Inbound marketing is much more effective in terms of conversion as it brings only informed and interested customers.

Is it worth developing inbound marketing?

As is the case with every business issue, there are no ready-made solutions, as the effectiveness of marketing activities depends on many, often dynamic, factors.

Certainly, the described concept is worth attention to most companies, as delivering value to potential customers is still profitable, and there is no indication that it would be otherwise. What is more, traditional display of advertisements to large audience is becoming more and more expensive due to increasing competition. While inbound marketing is a laborious and difficult challenge, a well-thought-out strategy can pay off in the end.

It is worth noting that such a business policy bring benefits especially in case of B2B companies, as it is almost impossible to acquire a valuable customer with the advertising banners. Building recognition and gaining professional esteem is the only way in such difficult branches of industry where sales are qualitative, not quantitative.

When traditional marketing techniques have been nipped in the bud by the rival companies, it is worth searching for a new paths and solutions that acquire customers. This strategy really does increase sales. We also have a good news – the idea of communicating value continues to grow in strength.


  1. Inbound marketing is based on publishing attractive values that are desired by our recipients.
  2. Such a business policy brings only interested recipients that we have selected.
  3. Typical activities that come along with this strategy are content marketing, attractive infographics, as well as free lectures.

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