Is subscription payment in copywriting worth your money?

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Subscription settlements are a simple, convenient and clear solution when you plan investments related to copywriting. On the other hand, fixed fees can make you pay for content even when you do not need it. Even though, do such situations occur at all? Is it better to choose a subscription or pay for specific number of character with spaces? About it in the following article!

Why choosing subscription payment?

Companies are constantly investing in content development in order to strengthen positioning and gain organic traffic (through search engines). So it is no surprise that they are looking for ways to gather as much content as possible with minimal expenditure.

Copywriters offer two solutions in case of settlement:

  • Total renumeration – for the number of written characters / words / A4 sheets,
  • Monthly renumeration – a fixed subscription fee for running a blog, social media profiles or top-down creation of a specific number of texts.

The first choice seems to be the most obvious – you just pay for what you need. Why should you expose yourself to unnecessary expenses that may arise from the subscription? Well, for two reasons.

The more content, the better

The amount of content is the basis for SEO activities. If there is a plenty of it, your company’s website is naturally displayed for many key phrases given, gathering valuable traffic from Google. Of course, quality is equally important, but without the specific quantity and amount you cannot gain any satisfactory results.

Many entrepreneurs make this mistake at the beginning of their journey – they create some interesting articles that cost a lot of work, but give up sooner or later due to the low number of visitors on the website.

Unfortunately, you need to be seen well by search engines, and to do that, you need to occupy a large “chunk” of the Internet in case of your branch of industry.

SEO activities are not the only creative artistry, but also time-consuming craftsmanship to produce as many key phrases as possible so that at least some of them see the light of the day. Do not expect a website traffic with just a few articles.

Large quantity comes with a low price

If you already know that your company will always be in need for content (as there is not something like “too many key phrases”), think about ordering “as much as possible for as little as possible”.

Settlement on the basis of the number of texts sounds reasonable and safe, but if you plan to develop your company in the long term, maybe it is worth considering permanent cooperation for several months in exchange for attractive discounts? This situation will automatically turn into a subscription payment model – the copywriter will write for a lower price in return for your long-term commitment.

Permanent cooperation with a copywriter – for who?

For all companies that plan to exist and earn money in the next few years. The vast majority of them need content for the effective conduct of marketing activities on the Internet.

The settlement based on subscription payment makes it possible to:

  • Pay less for the texts you receive
  • As well as the commitment does not expose you to any additional expenses – every number of the text will be useful for your company
  • It is also worth mentioning that content will be of the highest quality; a copywriter who stays close to your company knows exactly your offer, company mission and needs.

If you are one of few people who realize that online promotion requires a lot of investment in order to bring results – a copywriter subscription is the perfect solution for you, as it will save you expenses in the long run. You get a discount thanks to the awareness that long-term content development is necessary, and with it, constant cooperation with the copywriter.

When is subscription payment unnecessary? Whether:

  • Your company bring losses only, and you cannot declare long-term investments in marketing activities
  • You work in an industry where content development is not practical or even possible (funeral home, local bakery, etc.)

Permanent copywriting cooperation is universal and beneficial for most developing companies.

It provides not only higher quality, but also money saved – especially in case of copywriting for large companies, as numerous demand generates huge discounts.

Where can I find a subscription in copywriting?

Right here! Our copywriting agency is a team of experienced writers, proofreaders and translators. We offer comprehensive solutions for companies. Along with this, we have developed a subscription settlement option, which you will find in our copywriting price list.

If you want to establish permanent and abundant cooperation in exchange for financial benefits, be sure to test the calculator located there and see how much you can save thanks to a long-term declaration.

We offer branding opportunities and a wide range of copywriting services – we will create any type of content in any language, as well as adapt and create the content you need the most! We are looking forward to hearing from you in order to establish a permanent cooperation (you can contact us here).

Bartosz Ciesielski

Experienced copywriter who explores the secrets of marketing and positioning. In his articles, he refers to the contemporary achievements of psychology and the philosophy of language, creating cross-sectional content. As a member of the Content Writer team, he takes care of technological and organizational solutions that increase the quality of work. Privately, he reads a lot of books, learns new languages ​​and composes piano pieces.

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