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Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a copywriter whose knowledge does not cover issues related to SEO. The ability to write in accordance with the search engines’ guidelines is necessary, so as the created content bring profits to the company. If you do not know the basics of SEO, make sure to read the following article! This time, instead of theory, we will discover what specific examples of SEO copywriting look like.

SEO copywriting – examples

It is not difficult to find examples of SEO copywriting – just look through any article that show up as the first position in the search engine. The more general the key phrase is, the more confidently you can follow the specific example.

When creating your own SEO text, you may find useful plugins such as YoastSEO. These monitor and check whether the content meets their guidelines.

Unfortunately, the final result may leave much to be desired, mostly because the article is verified by robots, which affects its quality and naturalness. Nevertheless, let’s see what are the most important assumptions of the proposed SEO principles in practice.


The title, which is also the most important heading (so called H1), should contain the key phrase on which you are going to position your texts.

Meta title (screen)

In case of the article above, it is not difficult to guess that the keyword is “history of copywriting”. It is not worth ”messing around” if it comes to the title – it must be clear for the readers.

It is worth mentioning that the applied photo needs to be interesting and related to the article. Perhaps it will allow you to gain website traffic from the “graphics”, so take care of this element.


There are no specific rules for SEO copywriting regarding the introduction. Nevertheless, it is a part which brings opportunity to apply your keyword for the first time.

You can also implement some phrases that respond to the users’ needs. For example, when writing the article “How to fold the tent from A to Z” you can put a sentence “In this article you will learn how to fold the tent” in the introduction. Do not limit yourself just to one keyword or key phrase. Introduction is the perfect place for you to include few of them (additionally, in different forms) naturally.

The main body

The substantive value is the basis of a good SEO texts. Information must be useful in order to be shown and presented to a larger audience and recipients. Thus, the core of content, which is the main body, does not require from us to follow any golden rules. It just has to be valuable.

The main body (screen)

Do not forget about the headings! It is worth including key phrases in them – we are talking here in particular about H2, which is related to the general issue raised in the article.


The summary is another element where key phrases can be neatly placed. Again, you can bet on the phrases such as „We hope that this article has explained to you how to fold a tent”. It is also a good idea to include Q&A in the summary – it gives opportunity to place many combinations of keywords naturally.

The ending may be also sufficient and simple, summarizing the entire article briefly with the phrase.

Summary (screen)

Does every example of SEO copywriting bring profits?

Remember that the effectiveness of positioning is influenced by many factors, going beyond the content layout and the use of key phrases. The age of the domain and link profile play as important role, so writing in accordance with SEO guidelines maximizes your chances, but does not ensure top positions.

Therefore, you should diligently apply the principles mentioned above, especially when you are serious about the copywriting profession. As writers we do not guarantee company success, but we do our best to make sure that the content meets the marketing goals.


  • In the following article we have looked through and discussed a few simple rules related to creating the texts for positioning
  • It is definitely worth exploring this topic further in order to get more complete knowledge and create effective content that will gain visibility in the search engine.
  • We hope that the examples of SEO copywriting presented above will be helpful for you!

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