Is writing articles for a blog worth my time?

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You probably have noticed that every big company has a blog along with the website. It is currently a new thing. SEO specialists and marketers unanimously recommend writing articles for a blog as an effective method of brand building. However, is this not another temporary trend? How to write blog articles in order for them to bring real benefits?

Why write blog articles?

Let’s start with the benefits mentioned above – what does this activity mean for us?

Writing blog articles is an important factor that influence company’s website positioning.

The more extensive content, the better Google perceives it. Additionally, thanks to skilful selection of key phrases you can catch potential customers’ attention.



If you run a shop that is selling ecological cosmetics, then writing a substantive blog articles about parabens will let you attract people who are placing questions such as „what are parabens” or „how to check if a cream has parabens in it” in the search engine.

What is more, writing blog articles gives you an opportunity to place more links that lead to your website, whether the content turns out to be interesting enough for someone to share it.

Skilful and thoughtful writing of articles for the company blog is a good strategy that improve brand image.

High-quality texts will let customers perceive you as an expert, while the website itself appears to be more professional. However, in order for blog articles to bring the expected results, the content must be good enough. Only texts that offer real value will be positively regarded by the readers.

Thanks to the interesting and substantive tab of the blog on your website, you have a chance to gain a permanent group of recipients, increase the average time spent on the website and reach more people interested in this specific branch of industry.

„Independent writing” of blog articles – pros and cons

As you can see, writing articles for a company blog is a matter worth considering. You may have even wondered if you should take care of it yourself. This option has its advantages: it will allow you to save money as you do not spend it on a copywriter. You are certainly an expert in the industry, so you would take care of the substantive content as well.

Before you sit and write, however, make sure that you meet the three necessary criteria:

  • you have a nice penmanship and love writing – it is a must have. Blog articles must be interesting and simple, otherwise no one will read them;
  • you have your head around SEO issues – another necessary condition. Writing articles for a blog involves the use of a special structure in order for your articles to be spotted by the search engines. Without such knowledge, there is no point in running a blog, mostly because it will sink in the depths of the Internet;
  • you have free time – this is also a prerequisite. Let’s face it – writing is time-consuming. It is impossible to create a good text in a hurry. Blog articles require preparation, selection of key phrases and verification before publication.

Outsourcing texts for a blog to a copywriter

Fortunately, supply creates demand. If you do not have enough time and passion that are key elements in order to write good articles for company blog on your own, then you can always look for a suitable copywriter. A professional content marketing agency will guarantee you high-quality texts and SEO structure.

How can I tell who is a good copywriter?

Firstly, research is the basic element of this profession – you can not move on without it! The best professionals are able to search for information effectively, even if it comes to expert knowledge and specific topics.

Secondly, copywriters have their specialities: some deal with texts about law, other with dietary ones. Choose a writer who has an experience in your branch of industry.

Large copywriting agencies usually employ qualified people, so you can easily find someone suitable for your company.

How much does it cost to write articles for a blog?

Here we go to the only one, but quite serious drawback of writing blog articles by copywriters – you have to pay them.

This creates additional costs for your company, so it is worth considering whether the price of writing a text will not be higher than the profits it generates. Therefore, be careful and outsource tasks only to experienced creators that have proved to be effective to be sure that you will not overpay for the whole thing.

How much does it cost to write blog articles? Fortunately, the prices for copywriting services are not excessive.

A single article usually costs about 100$ net amount.

Of course, we may also find people who will agree to write a text for half of this price, but this usually does not come along with the high quality.

Before deciding and establishing a cooperation, it is worth checking references of the copywriter and ask for a portfolio. You can always order a sample text in order to verify copywriter skills on a specific example.

If you want to order valuable blog articles, check our offer. We are a team of experiences copywriter, and we will be happy to create effective content for your company and its website.

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Katarzyna Kebernik

Project manager at the Content Writer agency: supervises the work of copywriters and arranges the details of orders with clients. In 2018, she graduated from Polish philology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. Texts are not only her work, but also her passion.

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