How to create SEO blog and make it visible in the Internet?

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Positioning is one of the most important marketing issues. While simple changes increase free traffic to website, as tempting as it sounds, the reality comes out to be different. In the following article, we will analyze what characterizes SEO blog and how to make it gain popularity.

SEO blog – foundations

Search engine algorithms are still being revised, of course if we take an increasing number of ranking factors into account.

That means that no one knows the recipe for guaranteed success. However, we know what content is desired by search engines. It needs to be transparent and useful. That is how we cane to the point that is the foundation of the SEO blog.

Valuable articles

There is no blog without articles – we all can be sure about that. In order for the website to become visible to users, it has to display something. Google prefers some content more or less. That is why we have to meet its requirements perfectly. It is extremely simple and quite difficult at the same time. Simple because we know what do the algorithms expect from us.

Simple because we know what do the algorithms expect from us.

The content must be of the highest substantive value in order to be found useful for users.

In addition, texts need to be understandable and attractive, so that the recipients express their willingness to read them all. Thus, all SEO activities revolve around the maxim „quality defends itself”.

On the other hand, writing articles for SEO is hellishly difficult, mostly because it requires time-consuming work and information research. In addition, the competition is constantly fighting to publish better and better content. It all comes down to a „content battle” in which the one who creates more and better blog articles win. As it turns out, the content itself is not enough.

Blog structure

Google promotes websites that load quickly. This is quite an important issue that significantly determines potential positioning.

The second, but also important factor is time spend on the website, which is a direct indicator of interest of the users. Interesting blogs are promoted to a greater extent, so again we talk about quality of the texts. Well-designed categories and tags also throw their two cents, although this is a special advantage in the case of larger websites.

To sum up, the structure for SEO should be clear, intuitive and have specific keywords. We can get face to face with the statements that the main page of the blog is an introduction to each of the articles. Correctly. This practice increases the volume of the content, and let’s not forget that the beginning of the article usually contains most of the key phrases. On the other hand, any “unfolding texts” is negated due to the lack of indexation by algorithms.


  1. SEO blog is primarily a group of great articles, as well as a well-thought-out and comfortable structure.
  2. Remember that positioning involves hundreds of factors, so you need to pay closer attention to them.
  3. When it comes to blogs, the recommendation from Google seem to be enough – you should create professional content, so as the search engines can certainly reward it. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts.

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