Writing texts on request – what to pay attention to?

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Writing texts on request requires adapting to the company’s needs. Therefore, in the following article, we will analyze what to pay attention to during implementation after receiving the order.

Writing texts on request

To put it simply, entrepreneurs need content that will fulfill their marketing goals. Copywriters often deal with:

  • texts for SEO – intended to increase the visibility of the website;
  • sales texts  – which encourage recipients to take advantage of company’s offer.

However, the service itself is not enough. The client want to gain profits from ordered texts. That is why the copywriter need to pay attention to two following issues:

  1. Does the order execution bring real chances for the client to gain profits (only one page or a wide range of competitors are factors that significantly reduce the effects of copywriting);
  2. Will the order bring optimal results (copywriter is the one who knows the best which type of content and what number of characters will work best).

Therefore, in order for the company to be satisfied with the results, writing texts to order must be preceded by a through analysis in order to optimize copywriter’s work.

Well-thought-out strategy is more important than the order


A small online shop orders category descriptions, so as to improve positioning, based on few general key phrases. Some people get to work without hesitation, because the customer pays, so the customer demands. The fact is, however, that the shop will not gain profits from such an order if the descriptions are to compete with large e-commerce platforms.

Good copywriter will come up with a solution adequate to the shop’s capabilities and make an interview with company, using similar questions:

  • What is the purpose of the content? (better SEO, sales, brand recognition)
  • What are the company’s resources? (is online shop working on the content in any way? Does the company outsource the acquisition of external links?)

Only after that, the copywriter may arrange the appropriate text structure for SEO, select key words and key phrases, as well as determine the required length of the content in order to summarize the project.


  1. Effective texts can only be created by a copywriter who plays the role of an adviser before accepting the order.
  2. There are many factors that influence the effects content will bring, so writing a text need to be preceded by an objective analysis and assessment of the situation.
  3. When making such an investment, make sure that the copywriter knows exactly what are the needs of the company and its goals. Mutual communication and understanding are the basis of successful cooperation.

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