Blog articles vs presell pages – what is the difference?

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The Internet dynamically increases the amount of content every day. While blog articles are its significant part, presell pages also require space. The questions arise – why are different types of content created? How are blog articles different from presell pages? What is more profitable to invest in? If you want to find out, read the following article!

Blog articles vs presell pages

These two types of content are relatively similar, although they serve different purposes. Along with this, their “tone” changes, as well as the price for 1000 characters with spaces.

In the past, presell pages were considered as content of the lowest quality, mostly because they were intended to saturate the website to increase its value and strengthen positioning. On the other hand, we cannot say anything “innovative” about the blog articles past – they accompanied Internet at its origin and were written by both amateurs and professional writers. It is worth knowing, however, that the number of publications has been growing rapidly in recent years, and readers’ attention has become more and more valuable along this.

In order to answer the question what is the difference between a blog article and presell page, we need to define their basic features and purposes.

Blog articles

Blog articles are thematic content posted on a blog page.

They are universal and used to achieve many marketing goals. Therefore, they may differ from each other and bring different results that way.

  1. First of all, substantive articles build company’s image and strengthen positioning by displaying the text in the search engine. For this reason, they are the basic tool in content marketing, when companies compete with each other by publishing professional and thematic content.
  2. Secondly, they are used to sell products or services offered by you. Blog articles are a great solution that will help you gain the readers’ trust with specialist information. Later, you can present your offer.
  3. Last but not least, sponsored articles build relationships with other companies, further strengthening positioning and promoting the company among new recipients and audiences.

A blog article that we may describe as a model is interesting, clear and full of reliable information. Its aim is to respond to the users’ needs. Therefore, the main measure of its effectiveness is utility.

Presell pages

Presell pages are articles intended for the special presell page website. They support the company’s SEO activities through linking.

Thanks to this, the credibility of the home page increases, which results in higher positions in Google.

Many myths and discussions have arisen around this type of content. It is true that its quality has increased in recent years. This is because search engines promote the best articles. Only such materials gain value in the eyes (or should we say “numbers”) of algorithms – so the presell pages must have an attractive form and informative character.


Wait a minute… What is the difference between the presell pages and a regular block article then? You could say that there is no difference. Both types of content mentioned must be a valuable content so as to help you achieve your marketing goals. Any loss in quality will affect the final effects, so in theory the only difference is a place where we public them: the first goes to the website for presell pages, and another to the blog.

In practice, that matter is different – copywriters do not spend their valuable time analyzing textbooks and searching for information while creating presell pages for a lower price. That is why blog articles are still winning in terms of quality – mostly because they are better paid, intended for a larger group of recipients and often with the author’s signature placed under them. These purely human factors influence the presell pages which does not reach the position of professional blog content in result.

In theory the only difference is a place where we public them: the first goes to the website for presell pages, and another to the blog.

Of course, these are only generalizations imposed by the external, current situation on the copywriting market. Many blog articles leaves a lot to be desired, and some presell pages are really interesting and comprehensive. Ultimately, it all depends on the copywriter’s skill and doggedness.


  • Blog articles are high-quality content that builds SEO basis and brand image, as well as engages readers and promotes company’s offer.
  • Presell pages, on the other hand, are informative content that is primarily used for positioning.
  • Even though both require professionalism in order to be effective, the market set its own rules. A copywriter usually pays more attention to the attractiveness of blog articles, leaving the presell pages with a short information and SEO structure.

The ContentWriter copywriting agency assumes that the work must always be done solidly in order to bring results. If you need professional presell pages or substantive blog articles, do not hesitate and contact us!

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Experienced copywriter who explores the secrets of marketing and positioning. In his articles, he refers to the contemporary achievements of psychology and the philosophy of language, creating cross-sectional content. As a member of the Content Writer team, he takes care of technological and organizational solutions that increase the quality of work. Privately, he reads a lot of books, learns new languages ​​and composes piano pieces.

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