How to write effective texts on a landing page?

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Texts on a landing page are a perfect example of how much the content affect the customer. They are the main incentive for the audience to take action. Find out how to create texts for them to be the most effective!

Texts on a landing page – features

Landing page texts are type of information that recipient reads after reaching the landing page.

Their primary goal is to persuade recipients to take a specific action. As a result, they ensure high conversion through persuasive wording. In addition:

  • Content is direct, attractive and often in original style
  • Language of benefits is an important element that informs reader about the advantages of the offer
  • The text must be strictly adapted to the expectations of the target group

Does the content have to be adjusted for SEO?

While creating content, we must determine whether it will meet the principles of SEO copywriting. It depends on what exactly landing page is.

If the landing page is an inseparable element of the website, then it is worth optimizing the text for positioning. We are talking here, for example, about the „offer” subpage our about its individual parts.

However, if landing page is a separate „showcase” which aim is to maximize conversion, then SEO structure is not required, because such websites will not break through the search engines and reach larger audience. Instead, focus on the texts, so it contain the features mentioned above.

Their primary goal is to persuade recipients to take a specific action.

How to write texts on a landing page?

Below, we present some key tips for formulating effective and persuasive content.

Write directly to the recipient

The main purpose of landing page text is to persuade recipient to perform specific action (as we have already mentioned). Regardless of whether we are talking about the newsletter or transaction finalization – the information is addressed directly to the customers. For this reason, use „Me” or „You” and active voice.

Present the benefits of conversion

Make sure your audience know what are the advantages of taking such an action. Your words and language you use need to be expressive, i.e. emotional. Indifferent content, which additionally is not directed to readers, is the most common error on landing page.

Be honest and concise

Remember that the sales character is only a type of marketing action, while the basis of the text is professional and specific information. Audience will immediately notice when you write about generally nothing just to „catch up”. Effective content is concise content. Why? Let’s face it, people take a glimpse rather than read the whole text.

Format the text

Present the most important information in headings or by bolding it. Internet users read and search information selectively, so you should highlight the most attractive parts of content. This issue is especially important in the case of SEO texts, where key phrases should be promoted through the appropriate text structure.

Do not forget about CTA

Call To Action is quite popular and universal nowadays. After communicating and presenting the most important information, include words in order to encourage readers to stay at your landing page. Those are for example: „don’t wait!” or „take advantage of the offer even today!”


  • The texts on the landing page are persuasive content which task is to maximize the conversion.
  • They reach this aim thanks to language of benefits usage and direct phrases that urge users to buy or act otherwise.
  • Formatting, CTA and substantive content may be found helpful, mostly because “quality defends itself”
  • Remember that there is no room for half-measures in that type of content. Make sure that the text is attractive and unique, as well as expressive.
  • Last but not least, observe. Searching for the results and do regular modifications, so as to make your text even more effective.

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