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Presell pages creation seems to be a simple task. We create content saturated with key phrases and it is ready! Unfortunately, such actions have been found ineffective for at least several years. Google’s company policy and algorithms have undergone a fundamental changes. Today we will discuss how to create presell pages that bring optimal SEO results.

What are presell pages?

Presell pages are websites on which special presell texts are published. Their main aim is to increase positioning by using thematic key phrases.

Many companies create presell pages to promote main page of their company. It is the positioning techniques based on collecting valuable links. Thematic presell pages provide articles that need to be recognized by Google.

The clearer and more substantive the entries are, the better they are assessed by the search engine’s algorithms. A high-quality presell page transfers some of its „power” to the „home” page through linking. The consequence of this process is higher SEO position. The content that uses potential of the presell pages to the greatest extent can be called presell page too.

Creating presell page – rules

Now that we know the general principle of presell pages, we need to discuss what this type of content is characterized by. Considering its use, we come to two conclusions:

  1. Presell pages must be valuable and cover the topic.
  2. It needs to have clear and voluminous form.

Presell pages and their quality

Creation of the texts for the presell pages is about constructing SEO content that will be recognized by the search engine. Although the presell page itself must be saturated with information from your industry, the texts do not have to be strictly specialized.

Concise content with high substantive value is perfect for academic articles, as during posting them we focus not only on positioning, but also on creating the expert image. Publication of high-quality texts is not profitable in case of presell pages that only support positioning.

Therefore, presell pages should contain a lot of useful information, however, they do not require extensive bibliography. Bet on a „healthy” relationship between reliability and the content volume.

Presell pages and their capacity

Extensive content without any message is classified as pretzel, but it is not worth discussing. The Panda Algorithm has been catching unhelpful and low-quality texts since 2011.

On the other hand, too short content has a negative impact on indexation. When creating presell pages, pay attention to the appropriate volume of your articles – it will be a clear signal for search engines that the website covers the selected issues.

How to create a good presell page??

Nowadays, there are no shortcuts to effective presell pages. Content has to be long and informative.

SEO structure help your company get noticed, but it is content of the highest quality that gives value through vigilant and „smarter” algorithms.

However, apart from the quality and volume, we need to focus on few important details:

Presell page structure

Presell pages structure is SEO-friendly. This is equivalent to skillful headers and strategic keyword management.


Headers should be hierarchical. That means we discuss the issue from general to specific.


Below we present the correct structure of the headings in case of extensive presell page related to a vegetarian diet.

H1 (title): Vegetarian diet – impact on human health. Find out more!
H2: Vegetarian diet – what is it?
H2: Vegetarian diet – pros
H3: Effect on the cardiovascular system
H3: Intestinal health
H4: Diarrhea
H4: Constipation
H4: Gases
H3: Immune system
H2: Vegetarian diet – side effects
H2: In a nutshell

As you can see, more specific headers always refer to the general ones. It is a great way to help to both readers and search engines.

Key phrases

Presell pages must contain appropriate key phrases saturation, usually amounting to 0,5-3% of the total text volume, although we recommend avoiding extremes.

What is more, some key phrases should be included in headers and in important content elements that are bold. This makes it easier for search engines to choose words in the text that are particularly important.

FAQ and Q&A

The Koliber algorithm has been selecting the search results more precisely (since 2013) depending on the word entered into search engine by the user.  Include FAQ or Q&A at the end of an article is a great solution that let you use key phrases for niche and more specific queries. This is an opportunity to refine the presell page and make they more valuable for the search engine.

Information on the presell pages

We believe that we have already disproved myths related to presell pages.

We have content of sufficient length, structure and substantive value so far. Now, let’s take a closer look at the last component.

Strict subject

Presell pages are related to the industry in which the company and its „home” page operates. Thematic presell pages are characterized by the greatest efficiency. In fact, these are the only ones worth the labor-intensive investment. Moreover, search engines regard them as „natural”.

Attractive issues

A distinctive feature of a good presell page is the content that is also good for blogs!

Search engines give value to interesting articles, but to obtain such information, the algorithms analyze LSI keywords or cornerstone content, i.e. factors that are inseparable element of substantive texts.

Does every presell page have to be of the highest quality?

Of course not. In this article, we focused on a masterful, effective presell page that brings the best SEO results due to high quality. However, this does not mean that the content for presell pages has to be of the highest caliber.

When positioning, investment in substantive texts is a great solution for your company website. On the other hand, when creating presell pages, we have to maintain an appropriate balance of quality and time.

Firstly, you need to know that too substantive content is time-consuming. Secondly, you need a lot of articles. The presell pages website is an investment in positioning. That means that we have to achieve maximum results with minimal marketing costs.

Qualitative rotation seems to be a good idea, as it consist of inserting articles with different degrees of merit. Thanks to this, the presell pages website boast extensive content when demonstrating professional knowledge and specialized approach to thematic issues.

According to what we have mentioned above, an important and fair question may arise – what is the difference between the presell pages texts and the blog articles.

Presell pages vs blog articles

In a perfect world, we could say that there is no difference – only place is vary, since the first type mentioned goes to the presell pages and the second one to blog. In practice, presell pages texts are usually of lower quality and their volume definitely transcends the pleasure of reading. Why? For a simple reason!

Presell pages texts are created to improve positioning without much commitment to meeting the reader needs. At the same time, blog articles primarily intended for people. Their impact on SEO is just a “nice” side effect. It is also important to mention that blog articles are often created by enthusiasts, profession copywriters or authors with education in special field, while presell pages are created as part of “dry” marketing activities.

In fact, both types of texts discuss specific topics. They are also characterized by clearness and SEO structure. The difference depends only on the specificity of the marketing activities that are carried out, not on the guiding principles.

If you have read this article carefully, you may be facing a certain ambivalence – after all, we convince you of the highly specialized nature of presell pages and then we deny content that we find too substantive. Which is it?

What presell pages should I create?

There is no answer to that! The precise nature of the text depends on the number of entries, presell pages, industry, competitors’ activities and an individual content marketing strategy. For some companies, entries of high quality work better, while others should focus on more voluminous texts.

Our goal was to show which presell pages are effective. We deliberately outlined the consequences (costs) of creation of the content that is too good to show that every company must choose a solution tailored to its capabilities. We realize that precise answers are attractive to readers, but in this case we have to sign famous “it depends” with both hands.


  1. Presell pages are type of content that is insert into presell pages website.
  2. They improve positioning by publishing thematic content and linking it to the company’s “home” website.
  3. Presell pages should be of the highest quality due to the current promotion of useful content by search engines. That is why excessive manipulation of key phrases does not work anymore.

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