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Effective content for an online shop is a serious investment for any entrepreneur. It should contain a lot of characters, however, there is no guarantee of the effects. In this article, I will thoroughly analyze what should you pay attention to while ordering content for an online shop in order to realistically increase positioning and increase sales.

Content for the online shop – what should I pay attention to?

There are three types of e-commerce texts. Each of them have different sales character. These are:

They constitute almost the entire content of the online shop. All of them are responsible for the visibility of the shop in the search engine and persuade recipients to buy your product or service as well. However, each content type has different priorities, but all can increase SEO or conversion.

Ordering content for an online shop is an individual matter. This issue is influenced by the level of development and investment expenditure.

Let us briefly discuss what texts should be chosen, depending on the situation.

Product descriptions

Properly formulated product descriptions are the driving force behind marketing. Although they play a major role in positioning, their main function is to direct selling process.

Product descriptions are a priority for both small and large companies. Regardless of where we acquire customers from, the presentation of our offer affect transaction finalization.

To ensure optimal conversion efficiency, product descriptions should not be too long, so as not to bore the reader. However, their persuasive nature makes them ideal to persuade users to buy your products or services.

The presentation of the offer is the basis, so sales descriptions of products are a good solution for every online shop. Their function is especially lucrative for small businesses that are gaining customers with Google Ads. In order not to wait months for organic traffic, many shops invest in paid visits to the website. For “ad customers”, category descriptions and blog articles play a subordinate role as the content focus directly on the products your company offer.

In the case of large e-commerce platforms, the matter is obvious. While product descriptions are not a particularly large investment, they are largely responsible for conversion and sales. It makes them the base of great online shops.

Category descriptions

We have already briefly discussed and told you who is the “king of sales”. It is high time to quickly move on to the “queen of positioning”.

Category descriptions are a lethal weapon in the battle for company visibility. This kind of content is a great place for a large number of character, while key phrases accurately match the offer, so as organic traffic brings customers who desire everything of the highest quality.

However, the high requirements for text volume make it an investment not suitable for every budget. To put it simple, larger companies will mainly gain benefits. The multitude of categories supported by numerous content makes it a very expensive order due to the large amount of work. Nevertheless, the return on investment is worth the money invested, ensuring a steady flow of valuable customers.

However, such actions are not binary. Search engines optimization and positioning is a time-consuming job, and the magnitude of the potential effects can not be predicted, even if we use magic cards. Smaller shops can also compete using category descriptions – after all, this is an activity for the development of every company.

On the other hand, we believe that short key phrases (which are usually included in categories) are the domain of giants, so it is better to follow the maxim “invest, but only if you can put in more than the competition” if it comes to activities that affect SEO. A large number of customers and low advertising costs are factors that make this vision alluring. Category descriptions can cope with it, but only when the online shop is large enough.

Blog articles

The majority of online shops have their own blog, but the high quality and efficiency are not something that most of them present on the website.

Blog articles are great to increase the visibility of the online shop (cheaply) using long tail key phrases. Niche key phrases break through the “fetters” of the competition and even reach the top at a low cost. However, those are rarely visited positions.

Unfortunately, long keywords are not the effective if it comes to improve sales. In addition, the effect cumulates only with other articles. That is why the results are visible after creating numerous content. An extensive blog is still a good opportunity to bring organic traffic at a low cost. In conjunction with product descriptions, blog articles can be a source of stable sales from organic sources.

However, we must point out that the principle is the same as for the descriptions of the categories. To see the effects, articles must be substantive, interesting and well-thought-out. Unfortunately, many online shops post five entries and that is where the blog meets its end. They expect crowds of customers, because in theory everything has been done – the blog exists, articles too, so content marketing should work.

Unfortunately, you still have to reckon with the competition. Contrary to category descriptions, blog articles can gain visibility more easily due to short keywords, but they must be supported by website optimization, product descriptions and other articles (which allow you to do internal linking).

Therefore, you need to ensure that the content for your online shop is of the highest quality. Of course, this requires a lot of time and work, but it is an inherent feature of effective copywriting.

Content for the online shop – what to invest in?

Due to different specificity of e-commerce texts, there is no ready plan for success. In addition, the effect may be influenced by factors such as website construction and optimization, as well as other marketing activities. The investment in the content for your online shop also depends on the characteristics, mission and vision of your company.

Texts for a new online shop

In case of trading, where completely new products are offered on the market, category descriptions will allow small companies to break through. Blog articles are also crucial in such a situation, as they contain short key phrases, which “correspond” with the presented offer.

Content for a „traditional” online shop.

If we are talking about dropshipping, which is quite popular today, or about conventional shops with the commonly used products, then attractive products descriptions, supported by paid advertising on Google, can bring greater results. Therefore, the investment priority depends on the budget, branch of industry, your competition, the current market situation and business policy.

Personally, we believe that you do not have to make decisions blindly – of course, there is an element of risk, but an investment in professional content should be preceded by an individual analysis of the market situation. It is worth examining competition from specific channels that let entrepreneurs reach customers. Try to find market gaps where you can break through with your texts and less work (and consequently with lower costs too).

Above all, be realistic. The e-commerce market is a very dynamic and difficult to understand nowadays, and it is still undergoing oligopoly, so you should adjust your expectations to your abilities. Sloppy articles and intrusive descriptions are simply a waste of time as they do not have any chance of reaching larger audience.


  1. There are three types of online shop content: product descriptions, category descriptions and blog articles. The first one focuses on conversion, while the rest is based on positioning.
  2. Ordering content for online shop must be preceded by examining the competition and defining the expenses for the investment to be the most effective.
  3. Attractive product descriptions are the basis of any e-commerce website to persuade users to buy. However, they are not everything and can not ensure the smooth operating of your shop alone. On the other hand, category descriptions and blog articles require a large amount of content to ensure organic traffic in your online shop. If they start to bring results, they will become the basis for sales without incurring advertising costs.

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