Is it worth adding product descriptions to the online shop?

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Product descriptions are a laborious endeavor. You may ask whether is it worth allocating investment funds to other marketing activities. Maybe it would be better to grasp the nettle and describe each product that we have in our offer? In this article, we will analyze and discuss advantages and disadvantages of product descriptions in depth.

Product descriptions in the online shop – benefits

The primary goals of professional product descriptions are to improve conversion and visibility of the product.

Attractive content prompts recipients to buy in quite persuasive way, while substantive information strengthens positioning effectively. An additional effect is to gain the trust among recipients, as well as to build a professional brand image.

The effect of implementation of product description is an increase in the effectiveness of the offer, which results in sales. What is more, improving the visibility of the online shop is associated with generating free traffic on the website. Although it is usually required to wait a long time for the effects, these are very stable.

Product descriptions in the online shop – disadvantages

Each investment bring either profits or looses. The cost of description of one product is usually somewhere between 20 and 110 USD (if we take into accounts the copywriter’s pricing). In the event of insufficient sales, content creation can expose the entrepreneur to huge expenses that could have been spent on short-term marketing activities.

On the other hand, only SEO can be qualified as a long-term benefit, while an attractive presentation of the offer increases sales directly, so it is worth describing as least the key positions of your assortment (to which the advertisements are directed). Only after this we can deal with the creation of product descriptions from the entire offer.

Smarter readers may have already realized that disadvantages are the result of wrong business decisions, not product descriptions themselves. Each investment can turn out to be a waste if time and online shop texts are no exception.

Product descriptions result in looses if they had been implemented at the bad time or situation.

If the online shop owner, along with the payment for the texts, loses the opportunity to promote and reach a larger group of recipients, then the product description will be useless – after all, they need to be aimed at the target group.


  • Product descriptions are the type of content that improves conversion, increases sales, as well as the visibility of your online shop. However, the investment that is too small or too large can result in unsatisfactory results, so make a deliberate decision.
  • In case of every online shop it is worth adding product descriptions, but do not forget about other marketing activities such as offsite positioning, Google & Facebook Ads, as well as other types of content.
  • Professional presentation of the assortment is the basis for sales, as well as the integral part of marketing.

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