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Managing the content is a difficult task. The work is dynamic and it is based on unique case studies, for which strict rules must be applied – all in the service of the internet order. Find out who is content moderator, what qualification should such professional have and what this profession looks like!

Content moderator – definition

Social networks are characterized by active discussion groups, popular forums and websites that do not complain about the lack of comments. High availability and ease of communication is facilitated by the exchange of opinions and points of views. Sometimes, however, there are vulgar discussions, disputes, spam or so-called “trolling”. Probably every person which uses the Internet is familiar with such situations.

A content moderator is a person who manages the content on a website for the purposes of compliance with the principles and rules by the users.

Content moderator edit or remove entries, imposes penalties on “light-hearted” participants of the discussion, apply censorship and also take care of the application of language rules. Its final goal can be generally defined as “level up the conversation”.

What are content moderator’s duties?

Content moderators are, quite often, volunteers who manage a Facebook groups for free. These can be also active forum members who have gained additional rights along with their experience and involvement. However, we also distinguish professional staff members who, for the needs of popular websites, take care of discussion etiquette. Such people usually have the additional role, e.g. they are copywriters, ghostwriters and content writers, and the moderation is only one of their duties.

The specific organization of work depends on companies and is primarily related to the discussion on the website. Along with this, the required competences differ, mostly because professional content moderators usually have well-developed writing and are graduates of philology studies. Although, you need to remember that in such a dynamically developing branch of industry there are no rigid rules. On the other hand, the volunteer content moderators do not necessarily have to meet any formal requirements.

As you can see, content moderator job is quite a broad term, as it includes both moderating local pro bono activities on the website, as well as taking care of popular websites that have international reach.

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Will the content moderator job gain in importance?

Definitely yes. The Internet is more and more often chosen channel of discussion, and the need for the proper image increases among companies, which is reflected in the thriving content writing.

So, if you are considering the work of a professional content moderator, start your language training today, mostly because job positions will be created regularly as more portals and enterprises develop. For several years now – as a humanity – we have been striving to make the Internet an orderly place of culture and etiquette.

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