Content Writer: the largest content marketing agency in the world

The popularity of content marketing is growing year by year and currently, it is a key to success in the digital world. In order to meet the huge demand for specialized content, at Content Writer we constantly strive for development and push the boundaries. Our efforts have made us the largest content marketing agency in the world, which is confirmed by the numbers.

Content Writer leading the way in content marketing agencies

Content Writer is currently the most popular content marketing agency in the world.

Proof of this can be seen in the number of followers on LinkedIn and Facebook. We surpass the most recognizable content creation agencies in India, the birthplace of content marketing, as well as those in England, France, and the USA.

Top content marketing agencies*

Largest content marketing agencies - table

Largest content marketing agencies – table

*As of June 2023

It is also worth noting the number of employees. In this aspect as well, Content Writer outperforms other content marketing agencies. We gather a team of qualified copywriters, consisting of several hundred people, which other companies on the above list have not been able to achieve.

Dynamic development, proprietary technological solutions, and the implementation of international projects – all of this contributes to a constant increase in the number of people interested in our services.

We are already operating in 46 countries!

The biggest reason to be proud is the satisfaction of our clients – we deliver content to individuals and companies from all over the world. We provide services on five continents – even in the most remote corners of the globe, such as India, China, Vietnam, South Africa, and the USA.

Global map of our services

Map illustrating the scope of Content Writer’s activities

Content Writer is already available in 46 countries and the number is constantly growing. This is a sensation in the content marketing industry, as well as proof that high-quality content is necessary to promote companies – regardless of where they provide their services.

Maciej Wiśniewski

He took his first copywriting steps at a time when the Google search engine was not yet popular. Nowadays, he can't survive a week's vacation without access to a computer keyboard and a text document in MS Word. He has made writing his way of life, and with his knowledge he supports business owners on their path to success. Maniac of strong coffee, punctuality, good work organization and positive customer relations. Privately a lover of football, games and mops.

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