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In order for the text to be of the highest quality, it does not only have to be well-written, but also checked carefully. Everyone does typos, mistakes or deviations that stays far from the guidelines we were provided, which is why it is worth knowing how to edit the text so it could be free from such mistakes.

What is the text edition?

The text edition involves checking and improving the content in terms of language, logic and content. The aim is to increase the overall quality of the information provided.

The scope of activities is much wider than in case of proofreading, i.e. it contains mistakes elimination both in grammar and style. It also includes:

  • checking the compliance of information with the sources used;
  • verifying the correctness and logic;
  • providing an orderly, clear structure.

In case of copywriting, the text edition includes checking whether the length meets guidelines, if SEO optimization has been carried out correctly, as well as if the content is adequate to goal, etc.

Content marketing agencies do it for a reason. Editors improve the content quality, which brings several business benefits.

It increase positioning

Reliable information is valued by Google search engine. Thus, it improves visibility of the website and increase traffic.

It builds an image

The texts that are free from mistakes create an expert brand image and catch users’ attention more often.

It improves conversion rate

The texts that have been edited achieve marketing goals more often (they persuade people to buy or subscribe the newsletter).

How to do the text over?

Understanding the stages of content edition allow us to make the whole process fast and effective. However, you should bear in mind that it all comes “from general to specific”, which means we analyse basic parameters and move on to more precise parts of the text. This is important and let us save time, as noticing the cardinal errors at the beginning allow us to send the text back to the writer – unfortunately, a content that contains mistakes is not suitable for proofreading.

Anti plagiarism checker

Let’s start with verifying whether the text has been created in a legal manner, and if its use does not bring any legal consequences. It is the most basic condition. After we make sure everything is legal, we may get started with text edition.

The easiest way to achieve it is to paste parts of the text in the search engine. If the text has been cut and put directly into our website from another one, Google will find it!

If the text is too long, bet on the use of anti plagiarism checker that scan the content and create a report which indicates text uniqueness.

Determine compliance with the guidelines

As long as we are sure that the content has been prepared individually, we determine whether it complies with the guidelines. For this purpose, check whether:

  • the volume is accurate
  • all the items were described
  • the text has correct structure
  • the scope of work that was agreed has been performed (that is adding meta-texts, internal linking, etc.)

Provide substantive value

When you see that the content has been prepared in accordance with guidelines, it is high time to check its quality. We focus on information that was contained in the text and the credibility. If the content is informative and carries an actual value for readers, then we may approve it and move on to proofreading.

In case of suspicious sources, we add comments and refer to logical inaccuracies and inconsistences. The text should lead the reader, not disrupt the newbie. The third sentence does not result from the first two? Signal it!

Eliminate linguistic mistakes

At the very end we evaluate the form and thus the way the writer provide information. Simplify sentences. Eliminate unnecessary repetitions. Thanks to these, you make the essence of your text clear and shorten the content. Obtaining such text is not something undesirable in copywriting. On the contrary, it has been proved to have a po


  • Text edition improves text quality.
  • Proofreading is the first step only. The others cover examining the uniqueness, checking the compliance with the guidelines, determining whether information is credible, etc.
  • Edition of a text should be done in a specific order, from general to specific – it speeds up the whole process and makes it easier for the proofreader.

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