Is it worth using copywriting platforms?

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Writing is a creative activity that requires inspiration and talent. However, in the 21st century, you can order text the same way you would order a refrigerator to be repaired or buy a lunch to go. Copywriting platforms are available for such services, through which you can literally hire a copywriter like any other professional. However, we need to answer the question whether is it worth using copywriter platforms?

What are copywriting platforms?

Copywriting platforms are places on the Internet where you can order a text by filling out a special form.

The customer provide all the guidelines to the ordered content and then pays for the service – usually in advance. After receiving the text, company can accept or reject it: in case of rejection, the copywriting platform is obliged to correct the whole text or rewrite it. Everything is done in an automated manner.

The advantages of the copywriting platforms

One of the biggest advantages of the copywriting platform is fast implementation.

Large portals employ a number of employees and have considerable processing capacity, thanks to which they can efficiently create even the most extensive content.

The mechanization of the entire process means that both parties – both writers and the clients – have clear guidelines for cooperation. The best and most advanced platforms for copywriters are quite functional, and you can easily implement precise content through them. These are legitimate sites that offer a transparent payment system. The customer also has the option to reject incorrect text and request free corrections or proofreading.

Do copywriting platforms have disadvantages?

Like any other type of service, the copywriting platforms are not free from flaws.

The high degree of automation and limited interpersonal contact will not be suitable for every client. “Mechanical” commissioning of the texts may prove to be unreliable if your order requires an individual, creative approach or constant, active cooperation.

Not every type of the content that we want to order can be described shortly in a text message or by selecting guidelines in the form. What is more, up to several hundred copywriters work for one platform – naturally, not all of them are equally good. Theoretically, we can choose a person who will write our text, but how to choose the right one, since everyone is anonymous for us anyway?

We should also remember that the author of our text receives only a certain percentage of the remuneration for the completed order. No experienced copywriter will agree to work for low rates for 1000 characters with spaces, which is why platforms associate people with no experience or special writing skills the most often. In case of copywriting platforms, employees write a lot, quickly and for pennies, which unfortunately affects the quality of the texts.


  • The copywriter platform is a good solution if you are interested in uncomplicated and wholesale orders.
  • For clients that are looking primarily for quality, a much better alternative is an experienced freelancer with an extensive and valuable portfolio or a professional agency associating only trusted copywriters.

Katarzyna Kebernik

Project manager at the Content Writer agency: supervises the work of copywriters and arranges the details of orders with clients. In 2018, she graduated from Polish philology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. Texts are not only her work, but also her passion.

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