How to create the best Facebook posts?

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Creation of Facebook posts is an art. Person who take care of company’s fanpage needs to remember about few factors. Those are: customer expectations, direct competition and the constant changes in data policy of the website. It is easy to say „go into customers’ heads”, but it is not effortless. Today we will discover what affects the quality of the post and analyze those elements.

Facebook posts in 3 steps

Strategy is the basis of the profitable fanpage, according to which you can create posts. Improvisation can lead you astray quickly, mostly because marketing potential will be wasted in the long run.

To put it simple, we can assume three stages of Facebook posts creation to convince the recipient to your company:

Step 1 – Recognition

The person that is running company’s fanpage must ensure, that it reach as many recipients as possible. Informing customers about your presence is a key issue.

Leaflets distribution has become tradition. 99% of leaflets meet their end in the trashcan. However, they do reach a wide group of recipients, even though a small financial cost.

When building brand recognition, we do not assume that Facebook users become familiar with our offer. Our only aim is to attract attention. That is why posts should be contrasting and attractive to stand out from the ones that have been designed by competitors.

For this reason, content is usually kept to a minimum and should only include a catchy word or a slogan that will be remembered by the recipients. The main role here is played by well-chosen graphics, saturated with vivid colors and eye-catching content.

Step 2 – Vitality

Now we can carry out a strategy in many possible ways. It depends on the specifics of the industry and on the current market situation. There are many ways but only one goal – acquire potential customers.

The most important activities are carried out on the company’s fanpage. We attract recipients using the creative posts. On the other hand, we offer substantive value that builds brand recognition among potential customers.

The fanpage earning basis is well-build strategy, according to which you create your posts.

Every company need to find the best solution on its own. However, the most important elements that we have to keep in mind when creating Facebook posts are listed below.

Entries can not be dull

Many companies publish posts only because that is just the way it has to be. This is the wrong approach as it results in no commitment and low organic reach. Is the post interesting and likely to attract your audience. Does it carry anything interesting? Is it a breath of fresh air that customers may approve?

Posts must follow the strategy

Before posting content, ask yourself: does it generate leads? That is what we need to focus o  to fulfil the objective of marketing. The post needs to be consistent with your company business theme to draw attention of interested recipients.

Adapt your content to target group language – it can not be too funny or too serious. Establish relationships with customers, take part in discussions and share knowledge. That is what the company’s fanpage is for-  nothing will attract customers more than when you respond directly to their needs.

Statistics are essential

Even though the appeal of the post is a trait perceived by individuals, we are interested in the numbers that testify to website traffic.

It is extremely important to suppress emotions and not to promote posts that we like the most. Listen carefully to your recipients. If a short entry about your company gains better results than substantive article – promote it – there is a greater chance that it will affect better results in the advertising campaign. Apparently, it suits user’s needs!

Statistics brutally tell us not to be influenced by the measure of our work, as recipients only react to the final effect. As trivial as it sounds, we only promote posts that have created the recipients activity around, even if the creation is time-consuming to create.

Step 3 – Sales

We have built brand recognition and considerable base of recipients interested in our content. It is high time to present the offer that will complete the sale process.

In this case, Facebook posts should be concise, persuasive and written in the language of benefits. We direct them to potential customers, so they have to persuade users.

Sales post creation also depends on many factors, so it is a good idea to develop a few creations and then to analyze the statistics. The most profitable presentation of the offer is a great material that will surely increase profits in precise advertising campaigns.


  1. Perfect Facebook posts depend. The most important thing is that they meet specific marketing goals and gain confirmation in objective figures and numbers.
  2. Therefore, there is no „universal entry for every company”. One post will help you build brand recognition, while another contribute to the direct finalization of the transactions.
  3. Follow the needs of the recipients as it is the best way to fully use marketing potential of the company’s fanpage.

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