What does copywriting on Facebook look like?

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Copywriting has gained significant importance in social media. The ability to engage recipients and create sales content allows companies to make additional profits on social networks. In the following article we will analyze what effective copywriting on Facebook looks like.

What does social media copywriter do?

Nowadays, more and more professionals enter the writing market. Social media is no exception. A copywriter who moves within Facebook and can operate it quite well has specific skills adapted to this website users. Such a writer does not need to write exhaustive articles in order to sell. What does the copywriter create instead?

  • Short entries and posts – they build brand recognition, engage recipients and increase sales;
  • Advertising campaigns texts – their aim is to increase conversion and minimize advertising cost;
  • Advertising slogans – sentences that are the leading marketing motive; they can also be a part of advertising campaigns;
  • Descriptions for the fanpage – these present the company’s offer and its mission;
  • Specialized, interesting posts from a specific branch of industry – they implement a business strategy through content marketing.

As you can see, social media copywriter have duties to perform, so as the writer can boast of incredibly versatility and flexibility. Copywriter’s other tasks often include developing a strategy that assumes storytelling or cyclical entries in order to increase interest among users.

Copywriting on Facebook

We have already written about the basic activities of the social media copywriter. Still, we do not know what exactly such content looks like. Well, the texts intended for Facebook are relatively specific – they should always have an attractive form in order to attract and catch recipients’ attention. Implementation of complex vocabulary will result in ignorance, while inadequate length in boredom.

This leads us to the conclusion that copywriting on Facebook is:

  • simple – understandable to all recipients
  • attractive – it also breaks down so-called „barriers of blindness”
  • concise – users’ time is extremely valuable
  • interesting – entries must arouse real interest
  • adressed directly to recipients
  • original – it creates a distinctive style of the company

What to avoid?

  • too much information – a fanpage is not a place where you overly show off your knowledge. Most users will simply ignore this specific post, which has a negative impact on the organic reach and users’ activities.
  • SEO structure – it is not needed for obvious reasons. We do not have to remember to use key phrases, thanks to which we save time and make our texts more natural.
  • mediocrity and average content – we use every opportunity to distinguish our texts from the competition. In this case, the photo plays a very important role. However, the content also influences whether the users’ attention will be drawn. Reader can not feel as it is another description from Wikipedia.

Facebook copywriting has its own, specific rules, although the final implementation is quite a dynamic matter and depends on the company’s strategy. This may be helpful, but it is important to experience and observe statistics, as well as to verify your actions and determine what content are users actually reacting to. Depending on the industry, the character of entries may be slightly different in order to bring profits to the company.


  • A social media copywriter that publishes entries on Facebook creates attractive content that interacts with users. This profession is gaining popularity and there are no indications that it will play minor role in the future.
  • Although we can reduce writing activities on Facebook to the most important actions, the effectiveness of the texts depends on the branch of industry, current situation, as well as on the actual reaction of the recipients.
  • It remains important to observe the statistics in order to see which entries actually suit the users.

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