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Nowadays, almost every company has its website on Facebook. They all have one goal – to increase profits. Copywriting turns out to be an extremely effective tool as it can really increase sales through marketing content. In the following article, we will discuss how to create sales texts on a fan page. We can prove that copywriting in social media is quite important too. Feel free to read!

Creating marketing content on Facebook – where to start?

If it comes to social media, then it is a place where every company can be found. This fact reflects the greatest sales potential. However, each of us observe a large dichotomy in running a fanpage. Some companies publish professional posts which are quite active, while others cannot go further and receive “family likes” only. Poor implementation is not the only reason – the lack of planning and tracking the effects is another.

The carrier of our marketing message is, of course, an entry (we discussed the topic of how to create Facebook posts in separate article)

It usually consist of content and photos, although Facebook gives its users autonomy, allowing us to add videos, surveys and announce events. Let us discuss the most common form – a single photo and the text.

There is no recipe for effective sales content in social media. It is influenced by many factors, like the competition strategy and actions, the target group and marketing goal.

Defining specific sales activities is the overriding element and the starting point from which we flight for the client attention.

Establish a strategy

Content preparation should be preceded by the specification of marketing goals. At every content marketing strategy stage, the texts have different characteristics.

Plan company promotion

Do not create posts „for yourself”. Every sales content have an important mission in acquiring a customer, so it should be displayed to as many interested people as possible.

While the above remarks may sounds trivial, many companies publish their messages blindly. Only if we plan a precise goal and define the way through which marketing texts reach recipients, we can start implementation.

How to create sales texts on Facebook?

Effective content depends mainly on they way we adapt the form to the marketing goal.

Although the ultimate determinant of the marketing texts effectiveness is profit, each stage of the sales funnel prompts us to undertake a specific conversion. Therefore, let us discuss the distinctive features of such content, depending on its purpose.

Build a brand recognition

Show yourself. At this stage, catchy slogans and photos are work the best. Keep your texts short and attractive – their only purpose is to catch attention. It is why we do not focus on the direct offer presentation, but only refer to the services or products offered.

We want to reach the largest number of people, so any attempts to encourage conversions will end with less interest and lower reach. In the next advertising stage, your audience should already be aware what company X offers.

Build a commitment

Nowadays, posts are focused on activity. They may include an offer, however, professional entries and articles that encourage discussion are prioritized.

If a post is advertised among a large audience, we focus on clarity and attractiveness. Simple messages that colloquially “entertain and / or teach” work best. If the target is strict and your activities are directed to the users that have been selected during the recognition phase, the sales content may be more specific and demanding. The recipients already know the brand, so you can bet on industry content.

Finalize the transaction and start selling

After selecting „active” users, start sales campaign. The recipe is simple (only in theory): persuasive presentation of the offer. We need to write the content using language of benefits. You must not write about consequences of the absence of a purchase – customers should associate the company with something positive only.

Be careful with direct messages. Of course, Facebook turns a blind eye to “you” form but does not approve pointing something out to the users in an excessive way. Inform about offer and benefits. Amateur content just like “Are you fat and want to lose weight? Try X” do not meet Facebook’s guidelines anymore. And that is amazing.

In addition, the regulations prohibit promising golden eggs. The content must be reliable, so we do not hyperbolize the benefits to an unrealistic extent. Everything you need is a little effort to write an attractive sales text that does not attack or promise, but work.

Although the ultimate determinant of the marketing texts effectiveness is profit, every stage of the sales funnel prompts us to undertake a specific conversion.

Copywriting in social media – basic rules

We have just described how to formulate marketing content. However, this is not just general advice that work quite. Therefore, for the content to always be effective, follow basic social media copywriting principles.

Analyze effectiveness of your sales texts

The advantage of advertising on Facebook is the great autonomy in the field of testing advertising creations. In addition, we can monitor a number of indicators proving the effectiveness of individual elements of the campaign.

Make sure to come up with a few advertising texts and analyze the results. After selecting the most effective advertisement, spent your entire budget on it to achieve the most satisfactory results. If we have such an opportunity, why not use it?

We are dealing here with a certain phenomenon that often occurs in a copywriter’s head. We like content we come up with and assume that it will get the best results. This is a cognitive bias, because we have to analyze statistics and recipients’ reactions – do not promote content just because you like it.

Of course, cheaper advertising does not always mean better. Certain types of content require higher cost, but result in more profitable conversions. Nevertheless, user behavior towards advertising is a key indicator that determines the effectiveness and campaign cost – we need to be very vigilant in this regard.

Do not follow ready-made recipes for success

The fact that almost every copywriter can create advertising slogans proves there are no specific rules for effective sales content. We all know that the market is an extremely dynamic entity. Therefore, trial and error, tracking results and implementing new ideas are the only solutions to develop lucrative marketing content.

In the first part of our article we outlined the basic features of social media copywriting (depending on the stage). It should be noted, however, that this three-stage sales funnel is used especially in B2B industries, where recipients are going through a “dense sieve” of advertisements. They gradually build their trust and need for transactions. In such conditions, it is difficult to attract the client, but quite high margin per capita is the reward.

The situation is different on the B2C market, where products or services are cheaper and concern a larger target group. If we want to sell something in original way (like inventive pens for 10 z$), we do not have to display strict ads tailored to the users involved. In the case of the offer that encourages to buy and note impulsive purchases, resulting from low price or high demand, we can target direct sales advertising to a larger group of recipients

The German idealist Wilhelm Hegel stated that the progress of ideology is conditioned by thesis, antithesis and synthesis. This is an accurate analogy for social media copywriting, as it reflects the idea of learning from mistakes, contrasting ideas and drawing conclusions. After all, it is a recipe for development and better effects.

Therefore, we do not urge you to follow rigid advices. Instead, we recommend analyzing the results and looking for solutions adapted to the changing consumer market. Only such conduct will enable the creation of effective marketing content, confirmed by financial results.


  1. Copywriting in social media is the driving force behind marketing activities. Excessive texts on promotional photos reduces the advertising creations results, but attractive descriptions tailored to the client can do the opposite!
  2. Creation of marketing texts should be strictly adapted to the nature of the company, target group and the current market situation.
  3. You should also observe the results to allocate your budget for the most effective ads.

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