How to become a copywriter? Who can be legally called a copywriter?

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How to become a copywriter? – almost all adepts that are good with words ask. The lack of specific regulations means that there are ambiguities behind every corner. Therefore, in this article we will discuss who is legally a copywriter and what to do in order to become a copywriter.

Who is legally a copywriter?

Formally, a copywriter is a person running a specific business or employed on the basis of a properly specified contract in an advertising agency or commercial company.

Therefore, the labor market does not impose any legal requirements in terms of the education or degree. Anyone who enjoy writing can become a copywriter.

This approach opens many avenues for people interested in working with text professionally. Even though we have many commercial copywriting trainings at our disposal, none of them let us call ourselves the official, legal title of a copywriter.

How to become a copywriter?

Although it is easy to become a copywriter in theory, the practice and experience is thoroughly verified on the market.

Therefore, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge that will enable the accomplishment of the copywriter’s basic goal – bringing profits to the client by creating professional content.

As it turns out, the competences strictly depend on the market sector in which we intend to operate. That is why we need to answer the question how to become a copywriter depending on the services provided.

Marketing copywriter

A marketing copywriter is a person who creates sales content. Such copywriter is great at creating advertising entries, slogans and texts for the leaflets that persuasively encourages recipients to buy.

This is the most popular type of copywriters, which of course goes hand in hand with competences. Every creative person who form fully correct sentences and content can become a marketing copywriter. However, he or she also need to know how to convince potential customers to finalize the transaction.

Content writer

A content writer is a type of copywriter who develops substantive and specialized content for a given branch of industry. Although formal education is quite useful, the only necessary and required skill is to find reliable information and then transform it into interesting SEO texts.

Content writer is an ideal profession for people who are closely familiar with a specific topic and who are not afraid to form difficult sentences and create meaningful content.

SEO copywriter

A person who creates texts that increase positioning is called an SEO copywriter. It is an extremely thriving profession due to escalating competition involving online visibility.

Although penmanship is an arbitrary requirement for all writers, knowledge of SEO copywriting principles is equally important for this profession. Maintaining the clarity, manipulating keywords as well as building the optimal content structure for SEO are difficult issues, but achievable for practically everyone who are eager to learn. Therefore, this profession is ideal for writers deeply interested in SEO.

However, it is worth noting that nowadays only valuable content is visible. For this reason, a SEO copywriter must know the industry in which he creates texts very well and from the scratch, so the SEO copywriter is partly a content writer. Universal article rules are necessary but not sufficient.

Which copywriter should I become?

Smarter readers have certainly concluded that the professions mentioned above have something in common. The substantive content is great for SEO, while the sales texts essentially concern the presentation of an offer from a specific, specialized branch of industry. Therefore, one cannot limit to a narrow profession, and whoever does so makes an unnecessary mistake.


We identify the most with content writing, mostly because we love to create expert articles. This does not mean, however, that we cannot offer texts for SEO – positioning is an inseparable element of substantive content for the blog.

What is more, we have been involved in marketing for years and we work with a professional writing every day, so can we not create sales texts?

As we have already established, a five-year studying on sales content is not required to implement such texts. It would even be impractical due to the changing market requirements.

A copywriter is a job where specific writing skills go hand in hand with each other. Artificial separations may be useful for the blue collars, but in practice, there are only specific orders that need to be properly executed.

How to become a copywriter - FAQ

Let’s discuss the information presented in the form of questions and answers.

Do I have to graduate from school in order to become a copywriter?

No, you don’t have to graduate from any school to become a copywriter. It is quite new profession that is a pragmatic response to the current market requirements. You need skills, not a diploma.

What skills are required from a copywriter?

A copywriter must have a penmanship in order to create attractive, linguistically correct content.

Stricter requirements depend on the services provided and include knowledge of SEO principles or foreign languages. Therefore, you should look for orders that match your capabilities.

How can I improve my copywriting skills?

A great way to speed up and eliminate language mistakes is by reading books.

Daily exposure to the content of different authors is the perfect solution to help you deftly form the correct sentences. We can often come across immature linguistic constructs or tautologies that can be easily eliminated by reading books.

What is more, thematic training courses related to copywriting, positioning and e-commerce are becoming more and more popular. Every dose of marketing knowledge on the Internet is useful, so it is worth expanding your competences in this area. In addition, creating reliable content for specific industries requires regular refreshing of your knowledge. In case of SEO texts, it is very important to track changes in search engine algorithms.


  1. Copywriter is a general term for a professional that creates professional content.
  2. Education, degree and diploma are not required.
  3. Skills are a key factor – they bring effects to a company that provide specific services.

If you are wondering how to become a copywriter, ask yourself whether you enjoy writing. Think about what are you the best in. If you feel ready – nothing prevents you from becoming a copywriter even today!

Do you want to become our copywriter? Check the current recruitment!

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