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Just as the whole strategy is implemented through a set of tactics, we will approach the effective enforcement of our goals through marketing techniques. Their effectiveness has been confirmed many times. It is probable that you will gain benefits from the procedures described below, mostly because they provide a solid basis, without which the implementation of more far-reaching plans may be difficult. Enough of the introductory chat – let’s get to the point.

Optimize your website for SEO and SEM

We have already talked about this recently. It is no coincidence that we pay attention to it so often – it is an element which importance cannot be overestimated. The justification is simple – Internet search engines are the primary source of information for the average person. Whether we rank high in search results, we have the upper hand. So, how can we improve your rating in this area?

Monitor your website’s statistics through search engines regularly

The largest one is probably Google. It provides a free tool called Google Search Console. It gives a great way to initially check the results, your website traffic, as well as noticing potential errors. In addition, you will find many paid tools on the web. They provide entrepreneur with many unseen details.

Make your content meets SEO requirements

Websites consist mainly of text. Every type of content influences its evaluation in search engines algorithms.

The matter is simple – we want content published on our website to be accessible both to Google and the reader. To achieve this, you can analyze the materials on your website yourself with the help of tools available on the market (such as the Yoast SEO plugin).

So, if you want to expand the content of your website in the future, it is worth thinking in advance that all texts should be consistent with the principles of SEO copywriting.

Optimize other elements of the website

Someone may say that websites do not consist of the text only. They are right, of course. Websites also include a number of other elements that, perhaps to your surprise, are not passive in terms of SEO optimization.

We are talking here about activities such as:

  • adding photos to articles
  • internal linking
  • meta-texts
  • adding headings

Let’s not ignore any of them. Search engine will certainly not do so when considering your website in rankings.

Take advantage of paid search advertising

We are writing here about Google Ads, the inorganic equivalent of SEO. If it comes to SEO, we use various activities to ensure that the website is naturally displayed as high as possible in the so-called SERP, i.e. Search Engine Results Page – a websites that display search results for a given phrase.

You have probably seen more than once that some results in search engine rankings were highlighted and displayed higher than others. This is the effect of paid advertising that allows you to easily and effectively draw customer’s attention to your offer. Again, Google itself meets its potential customers by providing Google Ads tool. Consider using such service.

Create professional and substantive content for your website

SEO and Google Ads are one thing, and the content on the website (and what it contains) is another. This is an important aspect, especially in case of e-commerce (i.e. online shop or any other form of service provision through the Internet).

Attracting potential customers is only the first stage of the process. The next one, even more important, is to convince recipients to buy your product and take advantage of your offer.

That is why it is worth investing in professionally prepared content marketing texts – i.e. marketing in written words. Professional and engaging advertising texts will certainly increase the interest in the products you offer.

Run a blog

The concept of placing specific tab of a blog on your website is another things. Properly used, this tool can serve us in several ways.

Firstly, it will expand the reach of our website, thanks to which people who are interested in a given issue, even if it is only their hobby, can find it.

Secondly, the blog will bring advantages to the image of our website. A reliable and substantive blog is a sign of familiarity with a given matter by a specific seller or service provider, for which it is probably not only a profession, but also a private interest. Society simply trust such people, mostly because we all get impression that it is the right person in the right place.

Take advantage of social media

Since almost everyone is there, why are you not there? Even if your company already has a created the account on the worldwide portal, make sure that you take all possible advantages of the marketing opportunities.

It is a complex medium that can be used both to reach new customers and keep in touch with the regular customers. You can provide information about the newest offer or present your values as a brand to them. What is more, you do it in an accessible manner. At the same time, instead of being only an intermediary in case of sharing content, it can also be effective advertising tool.


In today’s article we have presented several proven marketing methods for conducting activities on the Internet. We hope that information provided will be useful for anyone who wants to increase the reach of their website or to sell products. For more information on this topis, visit other entries on our blog. You will read not only about the development of the above-mentioned techniques, but also learn information that might be potentially new business ideas.

Jan Susmaga

By education - philologist / linguist, by current profession - proofreader and copywriter, by interest - a bit of everything. He enjoys writing, reading both prose and non-fiction (mainly scientific), watching horror movies, training martial arts, trying new things.

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