What does positioning for small companies look like?

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There is no doubt that SEO results depends mostly on budget. Does it cross out positioning for small companies? Of course not, but on condition that you carry out proper activities. We will discuss them in today’s article.

SEO rules in microenterprises

At the beginning, we need to define what activities are we talking about.

Of course, the main criterion is to minimize costs when obtaining results.

After all, new enterprises cannot afford advanced SEO activities as business model is uncertain. Unfortunately, in such arrangement the workload we need increases, but it is impossible to avoid.

Reliable positioning requires effort, so you need to spend either your money or time. We will focus on the second solution to reduce the cost. At the same time we would like to point out that we will not present simple, one step methods and tricks for SEO, because the entire proces of gaining a specific position is complicated and time-consuming. Short cuts have been overrated for too long.

How to position the website?

In short, by improving its usefulness. There are two paths to gain this, those are content and UX.

Create content that is related to your branch of industry

Google displays proven and valuable information to users so that they can use the search engine more often. This does not mean that only the best websites will remain noticed. Of course, the popularity is an indication to algorithms that the published content is credible, which is a privilege, but even small website can gain higher positions in rankings.

In theory, Google does not promote companies and enterprises, but information. If your website is filled with it, then you have just took your the first step to make an appearance in the search engine. Create substantive blog articles that will be found helpful by readers. This way, you will not only generate traffic on your website, but also build your brand image.

Repeat it with your offer. Focus on subpages that provide useful information instead of clueless adjectives like ‘’the best, cheapest, fastest”. Include specification, strengths and advantages. There is always a way to reliably describe specific product or service. Make sure to avoid poor marketing phrases. Again, Google directs its users to websites it sees as valuable, and this does not approve dry sales block.

To sum up, expert articles make your website reliable and useful. It is a basis without which further SEO activities are not possible. What is even more important, content creation does not require money, but time and creativity.

Focus on transparency of your website

UX, that is ‘’user experience” related to your website. Of course, it is needless to say that the better the experience, the higher your position – back to the rule that it is the interest of Google to display friendly websites. Information is not everything, the whole surrounding counts too.

Due to the fact that UX is quite a broad term, we are going to discuss the issues that we see as crucial:

  • SEO structure – it is related to appropriate layout of the content published on your website. Huge blocks of text are neither legible nor attractive, so you have to add headings and perform formatting to extract the most important parts and make the content a coherent whole. Internal linking to other subpages is important as well, as it will make it easier for the user to navigate through the website. In addition, you can use keywords to point out to search engine what the specific article is about.
  • Loading time – code minifiation and graphics size reduction has a positive impact on the speed, and thus the user’s experience. Google values transparency and clearness, not overload, so ensure that the functions of the website are as efficient as possible.
  • Security – having SSL certificate installed is the standard of every website nowadays. What is more, you inform users how personal data are processed. Therefore, include the privacy policy and terms of use on your website. Doing so will increase the professionalism and may translate into gaining a higher position.

Position away from your competitors

Gaining a visible position in Google is a problematic issue for small enterprises due to the fact that only the first ten places (the so-called TOP10) bring advantages. The results that appear on the following websites lose click through rates drastically. After all, large companies occupy top positions. We are aware that those are not easy to overcome. So… how to approach this issue?

Use long tail key phrases

The most basic solution is… do not get into fight!

Neither should you compete for popular key phrases with large companies, because such acitivities will cost you a lot of time and effort in exchange for questionable results.

Focus on market gaps and describe topics that have not been addressed sufficiently yet.

Thanks to this, you bypass your competitors and generate website traffic, although it may seem small due to the less searched key phrases. You have to start somewhere, don’t you? This is better rather than putting your strenght into fighting professional players who obtain an older domain, more extensive website, more content and… a large budget.

Choosing niche topics costs you nothing and increases the probability of gaining positions in TOP10.


The phrase like ‘’jogging shoes” is occupied by a large online shops. The expansions of the given phrase and creating sentence like ‘’which shoes are the best for winter running” is much more available. You can stay at TOP10 results even for five years so far, and as you already know, Google promotes new information. At the beginning, such keyword may turn out to be too complex, so it is worth starting with niche long tail phrases such as ‘’do X shoes are suitable for winter running”, that will gain top positions due to their narrow specialization quickly. We all can guess that this specific question is rarely typed into search engine, but you are already visible to the owners of those specific shoes, and a professional article might persuade them to check website of your online store.

Publish content regularly

It seems that creating niche articles comes with no fireworks – why wasting half a day on an article when only one person read it? Here we remind you that positioning is difficult and time-consuming process.

Audience distribution looks like that quite often: one article does not drive much website traffic, but if you create dozens of those, then large numbers appear.

Some texts will not attract any readers attention. At the same time, others might turn out to be unexpectedly popular. It is impossible to predict effects. Therefore, regular publication and constant development of the website remains stable. Over time, there will be more and more recipient and the topical authority increase (i.e. the thematic authority related to the fact that the content published on the website oscillates around a specific branch of industry, that will have a positive effect on credibility and visibility). Such strategy will ultimately increase your sales, which allow you to invest in more ‘’budget” SEO activities.

As you can see, microenterprises positioning does not come with smart tricks and immediate results. On the contrary, you have to get ready to arduous working. Pay attention to quality of your website by publishing interesting information. Always ensure the convenience of the user. Only this way will the algorithms recognize your company as valuable – that will allow Google to ensure it with higher positions in the ranking.


  • Google mission is not to promote the websites, but useful information. That is how the search engine solves users’ problems.
  • SEO activities do not require any expenses, as creating a valuable website requires time and effort, not money (which are only a substitute in such aspect).
  • Both of the above features make positioning for microenterprises cost-effective and labor-intensive.
  • We recommend paying attention to the improvement of the overall quality of the website by publishing useful content with a clear structure. Nice graphics and easy navigation are essential too.
  • Positioning is a long lasting process, but diligent work always translate into better SEO results.

Bartosz Ciesielski

Experienced copywriter who explores the secrets of marketing and positioning. In his articles, he refers to the contemporary achievements of psychology and the philosophy of language, creating cross-sectional content. As a member of the Content Writer team, he takes care of technological and organizational solutions that increase the quality of work. Privately, he reads a lot of books, learns new languages ​​and composes piano pieces.

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