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The use of long tail key phrases is the so-called long tail positioning. How did it stand out and why has it gained so much popularity? About it in today’s article.

Long tail key phrases – what are they?

Keywords (key phrases) are words typed in the search engine. On the other hand, the long tail key phrases are set of related words whose aim is to precisely answer the recipient’s inquiry.

Users search for them less frequently, but these are more converted due to the accuracy of the readers’ needs.


Long tails related to the phrase „weight loss” are:

  • Diet for weight loss and kidney diseases
  • Is the weight loss diet safe for elders?
  • Waist slimming thanks to weight loss

Why are long tail keywords so important?

Displaying company website in the search engine brings a number of benefits, such as valuable traffic, expanding the pool of potential customers. In addition, the effect do not require a constant financial outlay, unlike paid advertising.

Unfortunately, Google offers only ten „places on the podium” for the lucky ones, so you will succeed only if your website find its place in the TOP 10 search results. Further positions will not have a meaningful impact on website traffic – hence it is not without reason that the other side of the search engines coin is a perfect place to „hide the body” – no one peeks there.

Positioning based on general key phrases (short tail) is difficult due to the huge competition that will suppress the effect.

We have emphasized many times that the position in the search engine depends not only on the effort you put in, but also on the activities of other companies, as they also want to become visible.

For this reason, short keywords go along with constant battle against competition, as well as a large investment in acquiring links – they cannot do anything without it. Long tail keywords come to the rescue, allowing even local companies to break the barriers.

Creation of the long tail content as the key to positioning

If you realize that fighting the giants puts you in a losing position, then it is high time for you to think practically and find ways to display your website and present it to the users in a different way.

Following the diet example above – we know that there are relatively few people who have kidney problems and want to lose weight at the same time. Nevertheless, there are people like that, and on a monthly basis you can gain some website traffic. If we had described weight loss, the article would certainly not see the light of the day due to the large number of well-established portals in this industry.

Long keywords convert better than general key phrases, so they make up for less popularity with more sales potential.

This is only one example of inbound marketing, so even with a small number of views you still can receive inquiries for valuable customers.

Are long key phrases effective?

Google regularly updates its algorithms to more precisely respond to the users’ needs. Hence, there is a progressive fragmentation of knowledge on the Internet, which opens door for articles and subpages that describe narrow thematic scope.

Long tail key phrases allow even small companies to gain high positions, without the large expenses related to linking. Of course, a well-groomed website that regularly acquires links and publishes content give a better chance of gaining high positions in the ranking, but the rule is simple: long key phrases are easier to position (SEO) than short ones! So, if you want to fight for Google traffic, focus precisely on targeting the people you are interested in. If your business expands, you can compete for more general phrases. Nevertheless, longtail keywords are considered as a good solution at every stage of a company’s development.

Extensive keywords – tips

We got to know the theory, but how is it in practice? Time for a few rules that may be found useful when creating content based on long tail phrases.

  • Use variations – Google starts varying the form of keywords quite well, so you do not have to stick just to one version. The most important thing is that the content really answer the given problem, holding on the chosen thematic scope.
  • Analyze your competition before preparation of the article – you entrust someone or create articles with long key phrases in order to efficiently generate website traffic. Therefore, make sure that similar topics are not covered or at least not filled with competing texts.
  • Consider the FAQ – questions and answers are a great solution for sneaking in extensive keywords. They are usually almost identical to users’ inquiries, so they can prove to be an effective tool for your company. It is worth a try!

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