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Every copywriter should know how to formulate and add headings. This easy-to-implement detail is of great importance in positioning and text clarity. For this reason, we will discuss the correct addition of the headers for SEO, so that the content bring maximum benefits.

Headings hierarchy

First and foremost, there is a headings hierarchy. In other words, some of them are more or less important.

A hierarchy of headings

The most important heading is H1 – the title. Every other that follows this hierarchy “loses its power”, although it is still superior to standard paragraph, i.e. over the type of content that is used in the article most often.

Besides the title, we can choose from headings such as H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. Remember the rule “subordinates always describe the superior”

  • H1 is the basis of the texts – it tells you what the content is about.
  • H2 are pillars that describe the key issued related to the topic.
  • H3 are smaller and shorter pillars that support content of H2
  • H4 develop information from H3 in details etc.

In case of an article on computer gamers, the correct header hierarchy is:

H1: Do computer games help to learn? Research analysis
H2: The benefits of computer games
H3: Greater focus
H3: Better response time
H3: Better orientation
H2: Are all computer games the same?
H3: Types of computer games with positive impact
H4: Tactical games
H5: More wars or planning? This is a decisive point
H4: Economic games
H4: Music games
H3: Types of computer games with negative impact
H4: Action games
H5: The lack of a minimap influence better orientation
H4: Fighting games
H4: RPG games
H2: Computer games – summary

This example shows which parts of the text are essential and which provide only less important details. This is the structure that makes it easier to read thanks to information segregation.

Adding headings and key phrases

Appropriate hierarchy not only increases the clarity of the text, but also sends an important signal to search engines. It informs the algorithms which phrases used in the text are of particular importance.

We can make simple use of it.

Headings are a great place to put keywords on which you want to position your article.

How many phrases should headings contains?

The appropriate amount depends on the total length of the text. We recommend you to use keywords for H1 headings and some H2 headings, as well as half of H3 headings.

In the above example, the main phrase “computer games” appears in 6 out of 17 headings. Google interprets not only this one phrase, but also other forms and combination of these two words.

It should be remembered that an excess of key phrases may have negative impact, as well as shortage of keywords. The text must be natural in order to be effective, and any attempt to manipulate ranking factors will only undermine its potential.

How often should I add SEO headings?

We refer to the natural tone of the text one more time, as it is the basic determinant.

In practice, headings are added every 500-1000 characters with spaces.

The writing guidelines for YoastSEO recommend you to separate texts with a maximum of 250-350 words (1250-2100 characters with spaces).

In fact, avoiding long blocks of texts is important for readability and for finding the information recipient is looking for.


  • Headings build a clear structure of the article and segment the content. They facilitate readability and increase positioning this way.
  • Remember that headings hierarchy exists. Minor content relate to major one.
  • Including keywords in your headings is a good way to increase visibility of your website on Google.
  • The more elaborate the article is, the more headings it will need to organize the information provided.

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