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Every entreprise main goal is to become and stays visible. There ar emany paths to achieve this. You are probably wondering, is there the best one among them, which quarantees higher position in ranking and best possible positioning of the web page? Find out in today’s article!

Factors that affects SEO

In order to realize what the best positioning activities are, we need to perceive a search engine as a whole. It is nothing more than staying broad-minded.

Narrow-minded entrepreneur takes immediate effects that appear withing a few weeks after implementing changes to the website into account. Specific SEO activities that pursue goals mentioned include:

  • Website optimization – accelerating the way it operates, transparent structure, code minification, implementation of internal linking, SSL, etc.
  • Substantive value – creating SEO texts for the blog and offer subpages, friendly layout development (headers, awards gained, quotes and bullet lists).
  • Acquiring links – in the form of sponsored artiles and presell pages.

Of course, there are hundreds of factors that affects your position in the ranking, and the lion’s share is unknown as is Google’s secret. Nevertheless, experience shows that the regular implementation of the such activities is like taking small steps towards gaining better and better visibility on the Internet. On the other hand, to gain the right course for best positioning, you need to go beyond self-interest analysis and explore what Google wants in the first place.

The best positioning in the eyes of Google

Gaining a positiong is a long and laborious proces. The best positions can be achieved by companies that operate in accordance with the search engine policy in the long term. We will discuss what is meant by such concept and what conclusions emerge from being broad-minded.

Users are your target

Google needs its users to get paid. Along with the number of them, its business potential grows, for example paid Google Ads. That means that the search engine must display the most useful content that adequately responds to users’ queries.

Google promotes valuable information, not businesses.

The main reason why it has dominated the market is that it tailored search results to the needs of the potential recipients the best.

Sounds trivial? Of course it does! On a so-called macro scale, it is just a factor that made Google gained the large pool of users that is still expanding. According to data, it is over 90% worldwide.

Although it is quite clear, it radically changes the concept of work of narrowly framed positioners. Not only that – it makes the use of the SEO services by companies not as sense as you might think! This controversial thesis requires in-depth analysis.

The website’s usability matters

We already know that the positions obtained depend on the situation, that is whether the website responds to the user needs. Thus, in the long run, all activities that increase its usefulness will favorably affect visibility and vice versa.

The link profile, the expansion of which is usually the main object of focus of positioners, does not do this at all. It is only an indication for Google that the website is trustworthy since other portals link to it. This, in turn, allows you to manipulate your ranking position (Google warns of in its guidelines for webmasters) and gain a higher one.

However, as we have already mentioned, actions that do not bring any other value to users stays against Google’s policy and therefore will not be effective in the long run. They may work now and they surely do – the position of the page depends on the number of links. However, we have to keep in mind that the search engine algorithms are becoming more intelligent and are already assessing whether the website is intended for linking for money (the presell page) by degrading its power and beneficiaries, or whether the link profile is created artificially (in case of an unnatural profile, there are penalties).

How to position a website?

Due to the fact that the aim of our considerations is proudly stated to be the „best positioning”, we can see thanks to being broad-minded in which direction to go.

This is not the way neither of SEO tricks, nor ranking manipulation.

It is a must to work deligently to increase page value for its users. There is no other solution in the long run, mostly because it is the very best interest of Google search engine.

When SEO agency helps by optimizing your website structure or by specialized content, then it is great. However, when it provides visibility using „company secret methods”, we see a clear disruption of a healthy SEO idea. Since these changes are to be seen by the recipients, even less should they be a secret for its owner, shouldn’t they?

Of course we can assume that it is about linking (usually from private facilities), so – using the above information – let’s analyse whether the contractor provide us with the best positioning, if it does not increase the usability of the web page in any way. The answer is obvious.

The shortest and the only true assuption of SEO is: You should refine your website, so as its perfect for your audience. So much and so on. The necessary element are: interesting and industry-specific content, user-friendly layout, transparent website structure, data security (for instance SSL, privacy policy), etc. There is no recipe for success, but a lot of work and improvements awaits, especially if we want to reach the top of Google ranking successfully. As for the webmaster advice: „act as if the search engine hadn’t existed”.


  • SEO activities can be analysed both in short or long term.
  • In the former case, we are talking about acitivities that have a relatively fast impact on the positions gained. Their effects are empirically confirmed. In the second case, it is about a selection of a constant course of action that enables generating the most stable positioning results.
  • To maintain your dominance on the market and encourage users, Goodle displays the most valuable results. Therefore, if we are broad-minded, then positioning requires full compliance with the search engine policy, adapting the website to the needs of the recipients.
  • According to the broad-minded HR practice, all activities that improve visibility of the website should be synonymous with its usefulness. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • The best positioning go along with acitivities that are fully compatible with it.

Bartosz Ciesielski

Experienced copywriter who explores the secrets of marketing and positioning. In his articles, he refers to the contemporary achievements of psychology and the philosophy of language, creating cross-sectional content. As a member of the Content Writer team, he takes care of technological and organizational solutions that increase the quality of work. Privately, he reads a lot of books, learns new languages ​​and composes piano pieces.

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