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Investing in content is more and more popular, while companies are constantly expanding their websites with solid, professional texts. In the following article, we will answer the question of why entrepreneurs actually do it. In other words – what are the benefits of copywriting? Can texts actually sell?

Copywriting – business effects

You have probably heard the slogan „content is a king” which is probably the main motto of conducting marketing activities on the Internet. Although still popular, it does not lose its authenticity.

In order to understand all the benefits of text writing, we need to trace the specifics of 21st century customer acquisition.

Google come into action

The vast majority of customers search for products or services using a search engine. Quite normal desire of all companies is to display their website high and present the offer to all interested users.

However, in order to do this in practice, a website must meet a number of requirements, such as loading speed, intuitive structure and, above all, interesting content.

Substantive content is like a currency that is lucrative for both Google and companies.

The first mentioned wants to display reliable information to users in order to answer their queries, while the second desire to participate in such action and appear in these search results. Therefore, there is no sense to ask whether the copywriting pays off as the position comes along with a solid benefit in the form of more customers… and something else!

Benefits of writing texts according to the order

Unique and professional content can do much more for your company.

Below we present the list of the most important marketing advantages that you can count on thanks to custom texts writing. Remember, however, that the final effect consist of many factors, and copywriting is only one of the components.

Increased website traffic

Top positions in the search engine are characterized by the fact that they generate website traffic – and it is quite valuable, because a specific customer need initiates when entering the website. Along with this, the pool of potential customers expand. After all, users who visit your website want to do something related to your branch of industry, right?

Building popularity

Better visibility also increases brand recognition – the company is more often associated with the industry, which also has a positive impact on inquiries.

More effective conversion

Users will be more likely to interact if they are encouraged in advance with compelling content. Hence, an attractively presented offer or contact request will affect higher conversion rate.

Creating the image of an expert

Substantive texts build recognition and trust among potential customers. Since the company publishes specialized and expert content, it is a sign that it knows its profession. Along with this, it may raise the prices due to the existence of the “premium” brand.

Higher sales

The last, but not least is the combination of all the copywriting benefits. It is not difficult to notice that they get along quite well – the pool of potential customers is growing. They are more interested in the offer due to persuasive texts, and in addition they can pay more due to the belief that the company provides high quality.

The effects of writing texts are relatively stable and do not disappear like paid advertisements on Google or Facebook.

Have you reached high position in the search engine? Do you publish content regularly? If yes, then the results will last. Having a seat on the throne requires a lot of hard work, but after you put all your effort, the competition will have to use their strength to throw you off it.

Will the copywriting effects be the same for everyone?

Absolutely not. The specificity of Internet marketing activities come along with the fact that the results are not an immediate result of the work put in, but largely depend on the actions of the competition.

If your branch of industry burst at the seams and other companies have already been making use of copywriting for many years, success will take significantly more time and budget. The cheapest copywriter is not enough – it require a long-term strategy and a lot of work. On the other hand, if you notice a market gap, you can quickly reach the top position and then hold it steadily.

The benefits of copywriting depend on the competition, current market situation, your company resources, making a good use of the texts, and often a bit of luck.

Nevertheless, writing texts is a powerful marketing tool that has potential and can directly increase sales for your company.

Bartosz Ciesielski

Experienced copywriter who explores the secrets of marketing and positioning. In his articles, he refers to the contemporary achievements of psychology and the philosophy of language, creating cross-sectional content. As a member of the Content Writer team, he takes care of technological and organizational solutions that increase the quality of work. Privately, he reads a lot of books, learns new languages ​​and composes piano pieces.

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