Writing scientific papers – how to do it right?

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There is no doubt that science evaluate. Every year, the number of scientific papers increases, which broaden the knowledge and worldview. How do you write a good research articles in order to gain a lot of attention in the academic community? About it in today’s article!

Writing scientific papers – what is it based on?

The most objective presentation of the topic, formal language, modeling on the basis of other publications – these factors prove that writing scientific papers is a craft, not an art.

For this reason, it is worth getting thoroughly prepared before you start writing:

  • Topic – referring to the essence and purpose of the article, as well as the subject of the journal. On the one hand, it must be informative, on the other – it is a perfect place for marketing flavor to arouse interest (yes, you can become celebrity in case of writing scientific papers).
  • Content – this is a place where the essence of scientific papers lies, which cannot be expressed just in a few guidelines. Nevertheless, all inaccuracies should be eliminated, specialized terms need to be explained, and arguments have to be clear and, preferably, based on a new approach, mostly because this is the purpose of writing scientific papers.
  • Bibliography – an extremely important element that present papers on which your publication is based. There is no longer any discoveries thanks to which you can say “eureka”, while all innovations are based on the sum of the previous ones, which have become a contribution that required semantic linking and analysis. Everyone knows it. However, the difficulties are in deciding “who” to quote, not “whether” to do it.

That is the theory, so it is high time to talk about more practical part.

How to create scientific papers?

There is no one, single arbitrary scheme for scientific papers. However, the most common structure is IMRAD, which consists of:

  • Introduction – why you have written this scientific paper, what is its purpose, what set of knowledge is the basis for it?
  • Materials & Methods – how did you carry out your researches?
  • Results – what has been obtained, what are the conclusions?
  • And – ad additional letter to make the abbreviation more neat 🙂
  • Discussion – what are the implications and conclusions of the new approach?

Of course, we may add some other elements when writing scientific papers, but the ones mentioned above are the basis on which the content structure is based.

What else should you remember about? Clear structure of the article is a must, but the final success depends on:

  • The significant contribution to theory.
  • Good development of the topic.
  • Understandability (defined as communicative simplicity, specific conclusion presentation, discoveries and benefits).

Now you understand that scientific papers has a lot in common with marketing blog articles for SEO. To sum up, there are no shortcuts. Both the form and the essence (requiring a substantive, unique contribution) are important.

How to write good research articles?

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