What are characters with and without spaces? Is it worth settling that way?

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What does „characters with spaces” and “characters without spaces” mean exactly? If we are talking about price list of copywriters, marketers and other people involved in content creation, you can find these sentences quite often. At first glance, they seem to be a bit complicated construct, but in fact they are not. The number of characters with or without spaces is actually a great measure of copywriters activities.

Characters with and without spaces

The length of the content posted both on the blog and social media matters. WordPress, among others, let us know how many characters will be in line with SEO rules and whether they are correctly displayed on the page.

The length of the content published by the brand also matters in the contexts of the marketing strategy. There are social media channels that are famous for their modest slogans (such as Tiger Energy Drink), as well as those whose trademark is long content and extensive description.

To sum up, we should not wonder why copywriters care about the number of characters with or without spaces – they settle their work this way.

How much are 1000 characters with spaces?

Now that we have already explained some issues, it is worth considering how much such 1000 characters with spaces actually “take”. A thousand is a large number that is associated rather with something magnificent – mostly because it makes a difference for us whether we have thousand USD or not.

1000 characters with spaces take approximately 30% of a single A4 page.

Of course, it all depends on the font we choose, its size and margin settings. If there are any doubts arising, the number of characters with spaces, without spaces, as well as the statistics of the number of pages, lines, words can be checked:

  • in MS Office Word (go to the “Review” and then choose “Word Count” or expand the window in the lower left corner, right next to the space where number of pages is displayed).
characters with and without spaces word
  • in Google Docs (go to the “Tools” and then choose “Word Count” or use Ctrl + Shift + C combination).
characters with and without spaces docs
  • through online calculators available on the Internet.
character counter

Is it worth paying for 1000 characters with spaces?

Copywriters know that amount of time we need to spend on the order depend on many factors. Regardless of whether we are talking about Facebook posts, bachelor thesis, blog article or an extensive message to our soulmate in which we try to convey that he or she is wrong – the writing time depends on our knowledge of the topic, complexity of the issue or simply on our willingness.

Despite this, it is worth settling in such way, mostly because this type of payment for the texts made is “clear” and somehow “transparent”. As a customer, you receive the content you want – that is what you pay for. For this reason, copywriters usually present the price for 1000 characters with spaces on their websites.

How many characters are these in practice?

The length depends on the type of content, so the average number of characters with spaces is:

  • from 2500 to 10000 in case of blog articles
  • from 500 to 2000 in case of product descriptions
  • from 1000 to 8000 in case of category descriptions
  • from 200 to 2000 in case of posts for social media.

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