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Eppur si muove! Regardless of whether we use an astronomical or architectural metaphor, its subject remains unaffected – the key content of our website. Its careful display on our page is absolutely essential – find out how to do it.

Cornerstone content – what is it?

Cornerstone content is the most important content published on the website. It is a semantic basis for further development of the texts.

In other words, if we want to define the object of interest of our website as precisely as possible and condense it into a few subpages and keywords, then we would create cornerstone content.

It is important for at least two reasons:

  1. It indicates the subject of your website and the type of content you publish;
  2. It is a kind of „center of the galaxy” around which you should harmoniously create new texts.

Why is cornerstone so important?

As you probably know, the Google search engine classifies the content using the specific algorithms created for this. The important criteria are: the originality of the content, cross-sectional presentation, sources, links and linguistic correctness.

High-rated pages are displayed above other search results, which is a matter of life and death for companies that want to position themselves higher among popular and frequently searched key phrases. Instead of creating a series of articles that describe a specific product or service, condense them into one large article with a comprehensive overview of the entire issue. If you add internal links, you will make it easier for the search engine to decide what is your branch of industry, and consequently create a thematic authority and gain a higher position in organic research.

How to create cornerstone content?

We no longer have to convince anyone of the benefits of creating such content. It is high time to get down to the point and publish such texts on your website. It does not really matter whether you decide to create something from scratch, or to improve existing content – the stages we present below are universal for both cases mentioned.

Identify and choose appropriate key phrases

At the beginning, analyze all the keywords that are on your website and check which of them are the most searched for. Base creation of such content on it. Optionally, these may also be phrases for which you want to position your website in future and which are not so popular yet. Everything depends on the individual strategy and marketing goals.

Base your article on them or select existing one and improve it

The two options – you choose one earlier. Regardless of which side you approach this issue, you must ensure the highest quality and meet standards of such cornerstone content. Improving an existing article may seem much easier and less time-consuming, but not always. It does not only come down to replacing keywords! Extension and development can take as much work as it does to write or have content created.

Choose long-tail phrases, create special websites for them and improve internal linking

For an important key phrase according to which you want to create cornerstone content, collect long-tail phrases, that is these which are more precise.


„Shoes” is a common keyword, while „The best mountaineering shoes” is a long-tail phrase.

It is important to collect only those long-tail phrases for a given keywords that are actually its extension.

Each of these phrases should have its own subpage. Of course, it would be great if you kept a high standards for them as well.

Finally, you need to take care of proper internal linking. Every subpage with the long-tail phrase must contain a link leading to the main article – in turn, links need to be used as well (preferably naturally integrated with the structure of the text – use anchors for this purpose). Thanks to this activities, you have creates something like a „center of the galaxy” – you have created a specific center with the spiral arms.

In order for your cornerstone content to become the axis of content published on the page, you need to adequately structure your materials.

This metaphor make it easier not only for you, but also search engine to understand your website structure. Whenever it see that most of the articles refer to a specific subpage, the algorithms will start to recognize that as the most import important element. This is exactly what we want to achieve.

If you want to have the similar results for different keywords, repeat this procedure. The optimization along with the appropriate adaptation of the website to such a scheme will certainly pay off. As a result, you should get a clear SEO content structure, which will help both users and search algorithms navigate your website.


  • It is estimated that the number of stars in the galaxy can be even 2 x 1023. However, there could be even more websites in the Internet – if we include non-indexed ones, there can be even 18 x 1025!
  • We can argue whether there is life in space, but there is no point in debating in case of the web. However, you can be sure that competition for your key phrases is out there.
  • For this reason, it is worth to prepare your website, both in terms of content and its internal structure.
  • Cornerstone content is a concept that can help you with this – the effects should be measurable and noticeable.

Jan Susmaga

By education - philologist / linguist, by current profession - proofreader and copywriter, by interest - a bit of everything. He enjoys writing, reading both prose and non-fiction (mainly scientific), watching horror movies, training martial arts, trying new things.

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