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Articles are a powerful marketing tool, but running a blog on your own do not guarantee optimal results. The missing piece of the puzzle is the publication of such content on external websites, which has become one of the most common marketing activities. In the following article you will find out why this is happening and what are the effects of such action.

What is publication of articles on external portals about?

Websites are trying to strengthen their credibility in the eyes of the search engine in order to intensify the SEO positioning and gain better position in the ranking. One of the basic methods is to enrich the link profile, which clearly signals „Many websites provide link to my website, which is a sign that I have published interesting content and that it is worth your attention!”.

The publication of articles on other portals is therefore the development of thematic sponsored texts and sharing link to a positioned website with the users. Such link is posted on external blogs in return for a fee or the same activity.

What links should be included in the article?

Although this topic requires a separate article, we would like to point out that you can add anchors in several ways. Theoretically, they differ in form of marketing message and the safety of use. We distinguish the following types of links:

  • Brand – relating to the brand name;
  • URL – that is, placing the entire link in the article;
  • Exact match – exact phrase matching;
  • Partial match – free phrase matching;
  • Zero match – the name does not match the phrase (eg. „look here”);
  • Picture – alternative text.

In this aspect, it is worth ensuring a diversified form of links, so they are natural. For example, an exact match is accurate, so it shares its „power”, but also carries a risk of penalties by Google whether it is used too often.

Outsourcing texts for the external publications – benefits

Of course, the main advantage that immediately catches entrepreneurs attention when we talk about acquiring links through sponsored publications is improved positioning and better visibility. Along with this, the website starts generating valuable website traffic and expand the pool of potential customers.

However, it should be noted that sponsored texts are closely related to brand image.

Substantive articles build recognition and trust in the eyes of recipients, as well as create interest in your offer.

In case of more popular external websites, we can count on additional referral traffic, which means that readers be transferred to our website after clicking the link placed in the text.

Actions that enhance SEO by taking actions outside of our home page are called off-site positioning. The results are difficult to obtain and take a lot of time, but they are quite stable when we finally grab the effects. Remember that organic traffic is a free source of customer acquisition, and the website is accessed at the customer’s initiative, which additionally increases the attractiveness and value of such solution.

How to publish an article on someone else’s websites?

All the fancy ways we encounter on the Internet can be reduced to two basic solutions: intermediaries or your own initiative.

In the first case, there are portals on which you can order publication on external portals. The price differs, but the platforms offer us many possibilities. The most popular companies that provide such services include LinkHouse and Pressboard.

Of course, positioning companies or content marketing agencies may deal with it. If you bet on such solution, you will find off-site positioning as a standard in case of the activities they carry out.

Of course, it is possible to get in touch and reach selected blogs and settle cooperation. In such case, there is an individual price. Sometimes the articles are simply published by both parties without any additional costs. Only human factors are involved, so the placement of sponsored texts is a matter of the agreement. This method is time-consuming, but allows you to diversify the link profile with a lower cost.

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