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There is nothing further from the truth that the opinion that copywriting is just about writing texts. Dozens of factors influence the results, and the content itself can be created in several ways. Nevertheless, there are some fixed elements that can significantly increase conversion – learn more about effective copywriting techniques.

Copywriting techniques – what should you know?

It is impossible to obtain satisfactory results without an individual approach to the content you create.

Its character should depend on the target group and the company’s brand. The marketing resources of the competition are also of great importance – whenever you compete with large portals, it is worth making use of more niche key phrases that will allow you to avoid fighting on an open ground.

For this purpose, it is worth doing research and selecting keywords that provide the best results with the expected possibilities. You can easily determine it with the use of dedicated copywriting tools or, if you choose much more time-consuming solution, check which phrases has not been implemented by the competitors yet. Use search engine for this purpose. Only if you have a precise strategy, you can start applying copywriting techniques. First plan, then take an action.

Basic copywriting techniques

Most of the sales content, offer subpages and product description consist of three basic components: specification, language of benefits and CTA. We will discuss all of them below with an annotation which method is worth choosing.


We define it as a fragment containing substantive information about the product. The current consumer needs can be summarized in one word: brevity. The specification should be placed at the beginning of the text in the form of bullet list or a highlighted paragraph to effectively catch audience’s attention.

Remember that if a potential customers does not receive a response within the first few second, they are likely to leave your website. Firstly, you need to bet on objectivity and brevity – we will discuss time for persuasion in the next stage.

Language of benefits

Another necessary element is the proper presentation of information that shows the specific benefits of the purchase. The specifics are important here as well, but they no longer refer to the featured of the product or service, but to the customer’s problems that may be solved when finalizing transactions. Such a style of writing is called language of benefits – no wonder it is currently the most popular copywriting techniques. It is distinguished by high efficiency due to the fact that you do not only use your head to buy, but you are also guided by imagination.

For example, if you sell engine oil, do not limit yourself to specifying only its manufacturer, viscosity, etc., but suggest that such oil is associated with the better operation of the engine, and hence it will prevent frequent breakdowns and persistent visits to the mechanic.

Formatting in the form of emphasizing the key advantages can be helpful.

You should also keep in mind the fact that despite marketing message, the texts must be rich in hypothetical conjunctions to increase reliability by justifying your position. The language of benefits grows in importance, while unreliable hieratic slogans lose their value. Their excess can even bring harm to company image.

Enriching the content using the language of benefits will not only increase the attractiveness of your text, but also its volume, which affects more effective positioning.

Call to action

The final stage of creating professional content is call to action (CTA) which will eventually encourage the recipient to finalize the transaction. Regardless of whether we are talking about purchasing a product or newsletter subscription, it is definitely worth indicating what we want and expect from the recipients. Although phrases such as „Do not wait, buy now” or „Visit our website and learn more” may seem relic today, they are still a lucrative piece of content.

The most frequently used copywriting technique in case of CTA is to create time-pressure: positive („order the product today and gain 20% discount!”) or negative („there are only 3 hours left until the end of the promotion, do not miss the opportunity!”). You may also add a social proof (such as „60% of mechanic use this product. What about you?”).

Remember that call to action should not only refer to the content published on your website, but also meta-title and meta-description that will encourage users to visit your website.

The higher the Click-through rate (CTR), the better visibility in the search engine and the greater the number of visits to the website. In short, the game is worth the candle.


  • We have listed the basic copywriting techniques worth implementing. However, they depend on the stage of content creation.
  • There are many more rules, but formulating general principles would require an encyclopedia, not an article, as there are different methods, depending on type of content and branch of industry.
  • The experience and analysis of the results of the created content will allow you to use the appropriate copywriting technique regardless of the situation.

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