Family friendly content – what is it?

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You have certainly come across the term “family friendly content”. However, do you really understand what is it, how – and above all, why do we create it?

What is family friendly content?

Family friendly texts are type of content which target audience are families with children.

It should be suitable for every member of the family. Therefore, it is a type of service aimed at everyone – an amusement park where you can take your grandparents or a performance that will interest both young and old.

Another aspect of the family friendly content is censorship. It must be completely devoid of eroticism, brutal violence and profanity for obvious reasons. Family friendly content also need to avoid controversial issues.

The benefits of family friendly content

Due to the fact that your product is aimed at a wide audience, it will potentially attract more people.

What is more, the assumption is that clients will use your family friendly content with their family, and as you probably know, a group generates more profits than an individual client. It is for commercial reasons that large film studios lower the age categories with every premiere – a film for entire family will earn much more than a movie only for adults. More people will be able to see it – it is that simple. The same dependency applies to every other service.

Family friendly content is also an important tool in terms of building a positive image of the company.

Statistically speaking a person values more brands that respect family. Even a childless client will appreciate the fact that you meet various needs.

How to create good family friendly content?

A common mistake when creating family friendly content in terms of services is taking into account only the tastes and needs of children. It is a tricky thing – you need to make your product or service appealing not only to children, but also to their parents, grandparents and older siblings. After all, it is family friendly content, not just “kids friendly” advertisement.

If you want to be successful, target common tastes and choose “safe” topics. You must remember about simplicity and accessibility – after all, your target are people of different intellectual and physical development.

However, the best guides will be… your own experiences. What did you always want to play with your dad when you were a kid? Which skills would you like to teach your son or daughter through play? What kind of joint activity would be the most fun for your family? What texts would make you all laugh at your aunt’s dinner? Be practical!

Katarzyna Kebernik

Project manager at the Content Writer agency: supervises the work of copywriters and arranges the details of orders with clients. In 2018, she graduated from Polish philology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. Texts are not only her work, but also her passion.

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