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Everyone who runs a blog wants it to be as popular as possible. There are a number of actions to carry out to achieve this effect. What if we tell you that writing for another blog is one of them?

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging, which can be translated as „blogging on someone else’s website”, is the practice of posting your own content somewhere else.

Although the brilliant idea of developing your website by posting your texts on someone else’s blog may sound trivial, this solution really is successful, and many companies do it regularly.

The idea is: the text we have published does not only meet requirements of providing substantive content, but also becomes company „showcase”, because it presents our knowledge to new recipients. Thanks to this, there is an extra chance to gain new customers, and thus futher potential benefits.

Of course, carrying out such activities needs to take place in agreement with the creator or the person who control the quality of a specific website. It is the result of marketing agreement from which both parties gain profits – the creator acquires new recipients, and the website owner receives qualitive and substantive content that bring SEO benefits. As you can see, the phenomenon, although it is contradictory at first glance, can develop your company.

Guest blogging is a part of so-called inbound marketing.

In short, it is a reverse concept to traditional advertising – the second one tries to meet audience needs, and the inbound activities focus on presenting the content that the users are looking for. This is how the entries posted on someone else’s website should work. They may not be related strictly to the topic of the website, but they will present the specific subject in such interesting and engaging way that the recipients want to learn more. In principle, they will go straight to the content author’s website.

Guest blogging – benefits

Guest blogging has one benefit – it allows you to strengthen external links that lead to your website.

If you post an entry that have gained much more „trust” than yours did, you will gain additional benefits in terms of improving the positioning. That mostly happen because Google uses special algorithms to verify the reliance of a website – going along with a specific subpage that obtain better ratings may have an impact on your positioning.

However, you need to be aware of the misuse of such tactic by content creators, including the website creation that aggregate hundreds of links – Google has is more careful now, and it affects the trust it gives to specific websites. Therefore, we should be aware of how to use links. Do not cram as many links as possible, because these should refer to content that is similar in topic and appear in a moderate amount only.

If you want to make sure that Google will not punish you for pushy linking, ask the publisher to set the „nofollow” atribute. Thanks to this, SEO effect will be reduced significantly, but it will increase security and natural dofollow / nofollow links ratio too.

Tips on how to guest blog

If you decide to practice guest blogging, you need to remember about two things. Those are:

  1. Find an appropriate target group – it is obvious that finding an article on trawl fishing published on the website about wardrobes will cause consternation only. An extreme example, but it illustrate the elementary rule that you need to carry in mind: the website on which you publish your text must be related to your branch of industry thematically. The more your and someone else’s niche overlap, the better – the article will blend in with the existing content so well that it will not leave the impression of being attached by force. That is why you should think carefully – define your own subject and target group at the beginning, so as to know where to look for new recipients. Do not turn into aforementioned content about trawl fishing. On the other hand, if you write about decooupage on a daily basis, the wardrobe website may be quite appropriate place to publish such article.
  2. Create high-quality content – the text must not differ from the standard quality of your materials and products. After all, it is supposed to have a representative function – it will be the first to meet the reader’s, so it should be given maximum attention. Therefore, it is worth devoting a special, catchy and egaging topic of a guest post. If it seems impossible for you to find one, you can always present an existing issue in an unconventional way. Try presenting a completely new perspective of a subject.

Who will gain benefits from guest blogging?

You may find a number of examples of large and recognizable brands activities on the Internet. For most of them, blogs are an element of well-planned marketing strategy. They are often co-created by a number of people.

On the other hand, you do not need to have a large company to use this tactic. Of course, the reach of your blog may not be that high, but this procedure is universal, so it should bring proportional benefits regardless of the size of your enterprise. It is not worth using at the very beggining and when you have just started blogging – it all comes down to reputation of your company. Blog is one of the determinants – as long as it is well-kept and filled with new texts regularly, it will be regared as reliable and trustworthy. It is obvious that such companies obtain much better chances of agreeing to guest blogging.

Therefore, the development of the blog is a must if you want to consider the phenomenon described in today’s article. Carry in mind that it is not the only way to expand the reach, but after gathering a sufficient number of representative content, it is surely worth paying attention to.

Jan Susmaga

By education - philologist / linguist, by current profession - proofreader and copywriter, by interest - a bit of everything. He enjoys writing, reading both prose and non-fiction (mainly scientific), watching horror movies, training martial arts, trying new things.

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