Snack content: ​​what is it and is it worth using?

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The Internet is constantly evolving, and the content posted on it takes on newer and newer forms. Recently, it has become very popular snack content. Want to know what it is? Or maybe you want to start creating it and you don’t know how to go about it? This article is just for you.

What is snack content?

Snack content is small text, video or animated content that is posted on social media.

The most popular platforms where they are posted are TikTok and Instagram, although they can also be found, for example, on Facebook or YouTube.

Such content is created to quickly catch the recipient’s attention. It is a response to the dynamically changing world of the Internet, which is currently mostly browsed using mobile phones. Today’s Internet user is impatient and to get their attention, they need fast, short and accurate content. That’s what snack content is all about. Such material, in addition to conveying specific information, also evokes emotions, and moreover, it spreads in the network at the speed of light.

Types of snack content

Snack content can be mainly associated with short recordings. However, this content may also take other forms, including:

  • memes – funny, often related to current events or works of culture, a combination of an image and a short text. Memes get outdated quickly, so it’s worth keeping your finger on the pulse and checking which ones are trending, trying to use it to promote your services/products.
  • GIFs – moving graphics/images/frames that can often show what text cannot. They attract attention, convey emotions and illustrate reactions. They are often accompanied by a short text.
  • infographics – infographics are a great way to make text more attractive. They convey information visually, allow for faster memorization and better understanding.

What characterizes snack content?

Each snack content has some common features. These are primarily:

  • simple in its message, uncomplicated content;
  • for video, relatively short vertical format recordings;
  • placing a call to action;
  • text transcription;
  • easy to design, record and assemble.

Why is it worth creating snack content?

Snack content is needed because the world, and with it the recipient of content, has undergone a significant transformation.

Just a dozen or so years ago, browsing the Internet was a certain activity that required a kind of ritual. It was necessary to sit down at the computer, turn on the browser, etc. Currently, the computer network is with us every day, on the bus, in the queue to the pharmacy, during boring lectures at the university. You casually “scroll” your phone in search of interesting content. Scientific studies have shown that if you want to grab the attention of the recipient, you only have 8 seconds to do it. Just enough and enough to reach others with what you think is important.

Snack content works perfectly here. It’s short, so it doesn’t bore you, it’s funny, so it makes you laugh. This is the content of the future, the message of the new generation. A trend that will continue for years to come. So if your target group is especially younger recipients, do not hesitate to use this form of communication. But how to do it?

How to create snack content videos?

First of all, when creating snack content, make sure that the material is catchy and memorable.

The human brain processes an image at a speed of 13 milliseconds. It’s really not much time. So it’s a good idea to add music to your content to get attention. However, do it in such a way that the melody does not overshadow your message.

It is very important to properly match the thumbnail of your video to the portal on which you place it. Start your video with a catchy tagline. You can ask, for example, a question that you will answer during the course of the material. Tell your audience to watch to the end if they want to know something. Also, don’t forget to ask to subscribe/follow your profile.

Remember not to disappoint your recipient. If you point out a problem at the beginning of the video, but don’t offer advice on how to solve it, your career as a snack content influencer will come to an end very quickly. Internet users are like the crowd watching gladiators in ancient Rome. They get attached to you very quickly, but if you don’t give them what they want, they’ll leave.

Don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of the recording. Of course, good snack content cannot exist without hashtags and a catchy short description. Also, make sure there is good lighting when recording.


  • Snack content is small-volume content posted in social media – text, video or animated.
  • It is simple, uncomplicated content that is supposed to attract the attention of the recipient with its catchy message.
  • It is worth creating them, because they are a symptom of the trend in which the Internet is heading today.
  • Well-created snack content includes a call to action, background music, hashtags, a short description, points to the problem and solves it.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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