Rewriting texts: convenient work via the Internet?

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Rewriting texts is a stress-free and easy job, or so it seems. So let’s see what it actually looks like. We write about the advantages, disadvantages and potential reward in this article.

Work in rewriting texts – an overview

Currently, text rewriting usually consists of listening to recordings and then converting speech into writing.

It is therefore about transforming the acoustic layer into a visual one, which cannot be simply copied. Thanks to this, recipients have the opportunity to read an interview with their favorite star or watch a movie with subtitles.

The process of transcribing recordings is called transcription.

For many people, copying texts may be associated with the profession of a scribe, which consisted in tedious rewriting of books or state documents. Of course, in the world of modern technology, such a task has lost all its sense – after all, it is enough to copy the text with one keyboard shortcut. Until now, however, one of the tasks of people in such a position may also be transferring manuscripts or printouts to a file.

Work rewriting texts – benefits

Jobs in rewriting texts are commonly used in the media. Demand is reported by various industry portals, newspapers and even advertising campaigns. More and more often, a company wants to reach potential customers through social media, for example Facebook, using a video format. The problem is that the sound is turned off by default, so subtitles are the only way to keep the recipient’s attention.

Growing demand is not the only advantage of rewriting texts. The others are:

  • unique recordings – which make the work interesting and you can learn new things every day;
  • working from home – there are no contraindications to rewrite content from the privacy of your home;
  • low recruitment requirements – you do not need to meet any special conditions to establish cooperation and start practicing this profession.

Disadvantages of text rewriting

Working over the Internet in rewriting texts also involves some inconvenience. One of them is the need for constant focus, which can quickly turn into mental fatigue. However, the most problematic aspect is earnings and the availability of orders.

When rewriting texts, rates for 1000 words are most often used.

For text rewriting, it usually amounts to $50-100, i.e. the value of an hour-long recording oscillates around $125-200 per hand. However, this is not an “hour” because the development of material of this length requires at least three hours of work. This is due to the fact that the work of a transcriber involves not only rewriting the text, but also formatting, checking spelling or repeatedly going back to the material to catch the context or simply hear the blurred recording more accurately.

When transcribing manuscripts, it can be problematic to read them. Therefore, the less clear the handwriting, the more expensive the work is usually priced. It can be very time-consuming, which is why the price can be higher.

Other risks associated with the work of rewriting texts are:

  • low-quality materials – which extend the working time and thus reduce the hourly rate;
  • uncertain orders – numerous competitors and a limited number of principals may be a cause for concern;
  • no fixed remuneration – the amount depends on the length of the prescribed material, and this varies every month.

Why are so many people looking for copywriting jobs?

The great interest in this type of offers is caused by the common belief that rewriting texts is an easy and pleasant job. So it is a tempting option for many people.

Unfortunately, the reality of transcribing texts is not as colorful as it seems to novice transcribers. It often happens that it is necessary to play the recording many times to be able to correctly write the text based on the received materials. Their quality in many cases leaves much to be desired – it is often difficult to even hear what a person is saying, let alone translate such an indistinct spoken message into written language.

Another factor that translates into great interest of candidates for copywriting jobs is the possibility of working from home.

Nowadays, this is an undeniable advantage – you can avoid large groups of people, traffic jams, nervous atmosphere in the office, and at the same time do not waste time on daily commuting.

However, considering:

  • salary for 1000 words;
  • the time it takes to write the text;
  • additional expenses related to working at home (own equipment, electricity, water, business costs or commissions, e.g. for the Useme platform for invoicing),

it may turn out that the work in text rewriting will not only not bring financial benefits, but even make the freelancer lose money.

Fortunately, with experience, these issues can be solved. Getting a permanent job in rewriting texts completely eliminates the above-mentioned inconveniences. Even in the freelance model, establishing cooperation with reliable contractors allows for permanent orders and satisfactory remuneration. Moreover, in the advancing era of digitization, the quality of transcription materials has consistently improved.


  • Working in text rewriting comes with certain advantages and disadvantages.
  • Whether it will be the right direction on your career path depends on individual preferences and expectations.
  • Certainly, text rewriting will be intended for people who like to write and work with information, especially in a remote form.

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Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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