Ideas for articles. Where to find them?

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The idea is the first element you need to have when creating articles. Many features depends on it, for example whether the content will be found interesting and gain visibility on Google. However, not everyone knows that creativity is only a part of the “smart” concept. Everything vary on the techniques which we are going to present in the text.

Where can I get ideas for articles?

“Take a walk and think of something!” this sentence is as an answer to above question quite often. Imagination is certainly a key feature, but not sufficient one for creating professional content. Copywriting needs to meet specific marketing goals, which is why the idea for an article has to be supported by factors that indicate potential business results. The most fundamental ones are the two mentioned below:

  • company resources – the content that exists on the website;
  • competitiveness – other websites’ content.

The first one determines whether the text bring benefits to the enterprise, while the second inform about the difficulty in obtaining those. For this reason, such idea is not a guarantee of a success (contrary to infamous intuition). Its effectiveness vary on company’s position and current market situation.

Once we obtain such knowledge, we describe relevant ideas for articles precisely. Those are a basis of effective content.

Check where internal links are missing

The content that exists on the website should be compatible with other texts. It does not only improve positioning, but enables users to navigate your website. Internal linking done by Wikipedia is a great example.

Therefore, when looking for inspiration, it is worth checking what are the existing texts about so as to determine which issues are worth describing and linking.

Thanks to such preparations, you will have ideas for articles and certainty that the text you have just created enriches subpages and facilitate navigation through the website.

Let’s assume that we are writing about the internal linking we have mentioned above and we add a link to more detailed article. If we had not had such text, it would be a sign to describe such issue and add references. So simple and effective way of writing.

Check popularity of given topics

Once you have specified the gaps in internal linking, you know what to write the text about. Now it is high time to think about the topic and scope of information. There is an important rule: the more people write an article on a given subject, the harder it is to get through and present your case study.

Therefore, we must explain issues that have not been described that many times by the others. Thanks to this, the effects appear fast and help us avoid battles with competitors.

I have an idea for an article – what now?

Do not worry! There is some time left to write texts for SEO. At the moment, it is enough to assess what the market saturation for a given topic is. This can be done in two ways:

  • Manual search – we use Google search engine to find the issue that interest us. Then we define what kind of articles we want to see. We do not only pay attention to results overall, but also determine which websites are displayed. If these are huge, thematic portals, then you will have to modify your concept and start struggling with more niche issues, longer titles and stretched key phrases.
  • Search tools – there are programs on the market that provide a solution along with the competitiveness level. AnswerThePublic or Google Keywords Planner are the examples (although competition is determined in terms of paid advertising, not only positioning).

Such pre-analysis of topics is an important step; however, it is not necessary when we dream of internal linking only. A blog article can be written even when there is no greater chance for positioning, as long as it makes a website substantive. Thanks to this, the user’s convenience will be improved, and the visibility of other subpages may be enhanced.

I have an idea for an article – what now?

That is where the further work related to content planning begins, as writing itself is just a final stage.

The exact scheme consists of:

  1. An idea
  2. Brief analysis and selection of key phrases
  3. Structure planning
  4. Text writing
  5. SEO optimization

After you come up with an idea for an article, move on and specify the key phrases you will use to maximize SEO potential of your website. On such basis, you create the headlines structure. No sooner you start writing followed by search engine optimization. Although the entire process seems complex, it provides a consistent and logical pattern known by all of the professional copywriters.

The article written by us may lead to unconventional conclusions. However, reserve that we do not belittle the importance of creativity when coming up with topics, but only indicate an important role of other factors that are gaining importance in modern e-marketing.


  • The ideas for articles should come up from the company and its competition’s resources to maximize business results.
  • It is worth using internal linking in case of a new text, as it influence other subpages in a positive manner.
  • A concept that has not been exploited by the competitors so far will bring the faster results.
  • Topic of an article follows an idea. It is the starting point for a throughout analysis of keywords and key phrases.

Bartosz Ciesielski

Experienced copywriter who explores the secrets of marketing and positioning. In his articles, he refers to the contemporary achievements of psychology and the philosophy of language, creating cross-sectional content. As a member of the Content Writer team, he takes care of technological and organizational solutions that increase the quality of work. Privately, he reads a lot of books, learns new languages ​​and composes piano pieces.

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