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I don’t think anyone needs convincing anymore how much business potential lies in a properly run blog. The results are stronger the more your audience visits your site, so today let’s discuss 5 ways to increase your readership. Read below on how to improve the marketing of your blog!

What are the benefits of a blog?

First, a few words about why you should focus on blog marketing. Yes, for several important reasons:

  • intensifies website positioning – and thus generates free website traffic and increases the pool of potential customers;
  • builds trust and brand image – professional content shows that the company knows its business;
  • creates interest in the offer – expert topics oscillating around the services/products offered almost always include the advantages or benefits of them, which creates a need among recipients.
  • distinguishes the company from the competition – a professionally run blog is still a rarity, which is why it is a good opportunity to stand out in your industry and acquire hesitating customers.

These are, of course, general rules that should be adapted to the realities of your company. Nevertheless, we can assume with a high degree of certainty that a blog practically always has an image-related impact and also supports positioning processes.

Marketing your blog – 5 ways

So how do you promote your blog page? There are several solutions, and each of them has specific advantages (and the required budget), so we would like to point out in advance that there is no perfect method that will popularize the blog without exceptions. Instead, you should adjust your actions according to your capabilities.

Therefore, we present various proposals with an increasing degree of financial requirements.

Thematic groups on Facebook

The basic strategy that novice bloggers often use is the free promotion of articles on social media. On groups where potential customers circulate, it is worth placing a link to the content with an annotation, what the reader will learn, what benefits result from reading, etc.

Advertising your own blog in this way generates free website traffic, but the effects in gaining reach disappear relatively quickly (usually after one day). In addition, self-promotion becomes frowned upon if it is not emphatically substantiated as to why the articles should be looked at. For this reason, a sufficiently high substantive value should be ensured to maintain the image-related impact without exposing oneself to criticism from users of social networking sites.

Content optimization for SEO

This is another free way to increase the visibility of your blog, although it should be its foundation from the very beginning. Without this, adding articles will not bring the basic benefits we wrote about in the introduction.

The most important assumptions of writing texts for SEO:

  • provide valuable information  – don’t move without it; after all, Google needs to get some arguments to display your article, right? This is a basic element where you can’t cut corners or use clever tricks. First of all, the text must be unique and useful to gain visibility in the search engine.
  • ensure a clear structure – inform the reader which fragments are particularly important. Bold the most important information, add paragraphs and headings, specify the key phrase. The more “air” in the text, the better.
  • perform internal linking – adding links to other articles and subpages will make it easier for the user to navigate the website, and will also improve indexing by Google algorithms.

This method is time consuming and requires the most work, but the results are worth the effort. The business potential of positioning is still growing, and the results are visible in the form of stable, permanent traffic, which translates into a regular influx of inquiries. Needless to say, this is extremely important in growing your business.

Guest Articles

Publishing guest articles guest blogging is the last solution that does not require financial outlays. In this case, the point is to contact the owners of other blogs and propose mutual insertion of texts. Then there is an “exchange of recipients” and enrichment of the reading group, and if we add the aspect of linking to this, guest articles will have a positive effect on positioning.

The particular advantage of this method is the fact that you can get impressive results without any expenses. The only necessity is to find a willing person who will agree to such a mutual publication arrangement. The disadvantage is the other side of the same coin – establishing cooperation can be relatively time-consuming and even uncertain if your blog does not have enough readers.

Sponsored articles

In this case, when the blog has just been created or you do not have time to look for volunteers for guest blogging, sponsored texts are a solution to this problem. For a certain fee, you can publish your article on a more popular third-party site.

The benefits also include positioning and image, but the condition is the budget. Publications cost from several dozen to several hundred zlotys, depending on the parameters of the website. In the case of the largest, reputable portals, the cost exceeds even several thousand zlotys. Of course, in return you get a number of blog marketing benefits, and the results are usually very stable – most sites host sponsored articles for at least a year.

Paid Google & Facebook Ads

The last, most ad hoc way to promote your blog is to use Facebook and Google ads. On these platforms, you can successfully display interesting articles to an interested audience, which will allow you to quickly add a readership.

The effects are almost immediate, as the results will start to appear with the start of the campaign, but they are strictly dependent on the allocated budget and cease to be relevant when the ads are turned off. It can be said that the specificity of this method is the opposite of positioning – time and work are not required, unlike the money that finances the campaign.


  • We have presented five ways to better market your blog.
  • Each solution is governed by its own rules, so you should adjust the strategy to your goals and capabilities.
  • However, there is a universal rule that everyone should know: a good blog requires useful, valuable content.
  • Without a good product, no promotion methods will be effective.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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