What is outbound marketing? Is it worth using?

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Promotional activities include newer and newer solutions. However, even in business there are fixed, immutable tools that can be successful. Today we will look at the traditional form of advertising, which is outbound marketing.

What is outbound marketing?

While the name may seem unfamiliar, it refers to something very common.

Outbound marketing is a method of displaying promotional materials to recipients.

Unlike inbound marketing, ads are displayed against the will of users. This means buying places where promotional materials are presented. This is the definition of outbound marketing in a nutshell.

However, this solution is becoming less and less popular due to decreasing effectiveness. Marketing methods focus on inbound marketing that brings informed and interested customers. So the change is qualitative, not quantitative.

However, this does not mean that outbound marketing is doomed to failure. There are still many situations where such a strategy brings numerous benefits.

Where is it worth using outbound marketing?

As is usually the case in business, the question is general and the situations vary. Certainly, outbound marketing does not have the marketing potential it had a few years ago. Competition is growing, and as a consequence, advertising is more expensive, which makes it difficult to reach a large group of recipients. However, this is only a hurdle that can still be circumvented through reasonable promotional efforts.


First of all, the outbound marketing method works immediately, so it is especially useful in the initial phase of the company’s operation, when content resources are not so developed. Any meaningful visibility in the search engine takes place only after a few months of the presentation of the brand on the Internet. Until then, it is worth betting on paid displays so that promotional activities have a large reach.

Social media

The situation is similar in social media. Outbound marketing is essential to quickly reach interested people. Publishing content on a beginner fanpage takes time, and without paid promotion we will not provide the company with readers. Focusing only on organic activities significantly reduces the sales potential of copywriting in social media.

Outbound marketing works instantly, so it is especially useful in the initial phase of the company’s operation.

Local promotion

After analyzing social media and SEO, let’s move on to the third situation, which does not have to be about the Internet. Well, outbound marketing is crucial for local businesses looking to reach people nearby. Of course, you can use a website and Facebook fanpage for this purpose, but in some cases local announcements or leaflets are still a lucrative solution.


  • Although outbound marketing meets with widespread negation, we should not understand promotional activities in the context of black and white. There are at least a dozen methods for presenting the offer, and the effectiveness of individual actions depends on the specific situation.
  • Therefore, it is not worth limiting the available solutions, but using the most lucrative options.
  • Outbound marketing can still be an effective method of promotion, bringing a high return on investment.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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