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Cooperation with a copywriter can be different. Every entrepreneur wants to make the right decision, paying as little as possible for the desired effects. The choice is not easy due to the bipolar risk – you can either overpay or not get the results. As we are associated with this environment, we will try to answer the question of what to look for when choosing a copywriter.

Cooperation with a copywriter – benefits

In order to make the right business decision, we need to define exactly what we need. A copywriter is a lucrative solution in certain situations, which is why the requirements for him are also different depending on the specific case.

Increased positioning

It is worth deciding to cooperate when we care about on-site SEO activities (within the page). Acquiring links is not everything, because you need useful content that will bring potential customers.

If your company website contains low-quality content, it is worth looking for a copywriter who has specialist knowledge of our industry. Substantive articles created by a qualified person will provide the best results in terms of SEO.

Owners of online stores and e-commerce platforms should also consider cooperation, as product and category descriptions are essential elements of visibility on Google.

Higher degree of conversion

If we present an offer and we care about sales or we want to get e-mails through a landing page, appropriate content is crucial to ensure high-level conversion.

Attractive and persuasive texts are a one-time investment that permanently increases the effectiveness of our marketing activities. Therefore, cooperation with a copywriter will be profitable for all entrepreneurs who want to present their new project to a larger audience. If we create something from scratch and our goal is to sell on the Internet, professional content is the basis.

Building the image of an expert

Using the services of a copywriter is a great solution when we want to create a professional brand. Substantive content is a natural showcase that shows the knowledge and competence of the company. Along with this, the interest in the offer increases, and hence the short way to finalize the transaction.

However, for the goal to succeed, we need a copywriter with extensive knowledge of our profession. The texts must be of the highest quality, and thus we must prepare for higher investment costs.

Therefore, we can see that the choice of a copywriter depends strictly on our needs. Creating a premium brand requires expert articles, but our requirements are completely different when we need extensive background content.

Choosing a copywriter – what to pay attention to?

We already know that successful cooperation with a copywriter depends on our individual needs and requirements. However, we can distinguish several fundamental factors that we should familiarize ourselves with, regardless of the nature of our order.

When deciding on a copywriter, we must take into account the rate for 1000 words and processing power.

Time limit for completion

We need to answer the question of how much time delay we can afford when there is a demand for certain topics. If we need texts “on the spot”, the rate will usually be higher and the quality lower.

Although SEO activities require the publication of regular content for a long time, the situation is different when we show the recipients articles about recent events, news or trends. Indexing by search engines is governed by different laws than human reactions to news, so the deadline should be adapted to the texts we want to publish.

What are the standards?

It’s hard to say, but for the sake of general outline, we can assume that the texts implemented within 3 days are “express”.

Again, a lot depends on our requirements. Pressed items may be needed “yesterday”, so the turnaround time is one day. In the case of substantive blog articles, the standard is publication within a week of receiving the order. The more scientific the content, the more time it requires due to the collection and analysis of reliable materials.

The situation in the team is different. Our content marketing agency, as a group of professional copywriters, creates even several hundred descriptions a day.

Text quality

Many of us need great content, but the question is whether a copywriter will be able to create it. Specialist knowledge is needed to describe industry topics, so we must pay attention to education or knowledge of the issues and – above all – to the portfolio.

A good copywriter does not have to complete studies in all fields of study – all you need is the ability to search for reliable information, and then forging professional nomenclature into understandable and attractive content. If the portfolio includes at least two or three specialized articles from various fields, we can expect that the texts in our industry will be created at a similar substantive level.


The rate is one of the biggest variables in the copywriting profession. Text prices range from $150 to $200 for 1000 words. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the ideal rate, because for the lower price range we can often buy unprofessional content, and in the case of the upper limit we will often pay a fortune for not very extensive texts, which will strain our budget.

So what to do? The best solution is to familiarize yourself with the qualifications of various copywriters, and then choose the person who offers the best price-quality ratio in their price list. We must remember that the rate is quite strongly dependent on our requirements, so we must assume in advance how much we are able to pay.

If we care about great, specialized content, sometimes it’s better to pay more for one good text than for five bland ones. Remember that an article or description is not only the number of words converted to SEO. It is also valuable information for the customer, which is a testimony to the true quality of the company.

One thing is certain – effective content is not created in an hour. A lot depends on our requirements, but we must be aware that top-shelf texts require time-consuming research and extensive knowledge. There are no shortcuts in this aspect, because no reliable professional creates great promotions and discounts in relation to his difficult work.

Number of articles per month

Demand for content is another variable that ranges from tens to hundreds of articles per month. If we assume a high investment budget, it is worth establishing cooperation with a copywriter who has enough time to cope with the order.

A larger number of articles means faster development and growth of company content, which translates into better results. There are significant differences in copywriting capacity among copywriters, so we need to establish this issue when we expect large and numerous texts.

Possibility to issue an invoice

It is important for almost all companies to issue an invoice that can be included in tax deductible costs. Not every copywriter issues this document, so it is worth specifying the subject of settlements before starting cooperation.

Copyright transfer

In order to complete the formalities, the issue of the transfer of economic copyrights should be raised. Together with them, full ownership for the commercial use of the ordered texts passes to the client.


Efficient communication is extremely important when the order requires a short lead time. Constant contact and quick corrections are an undoubted advantage that will certainly come in handy during the upcoming deadlines.

Copywriter – where to look?

After specifying the requirements, the question arises, where to look for a copywriter? To find it, we have three main fields to choose from:

  1. websites,
  2. advertising portals
  3. groups on social media.

Each of them undoubtedly has its pros and cons.


Copywriters who have their own company pages usually show more professionalism and are also characterized by a higher degree of organization in terms of customer service. What’s more, after the service is completed, they will issue an invoice and transfer the copyrights. However, the main downside is the price, which includes not only the work done, but also marketing activities. Of course, the above features are not a rule, but statistics support these assumptions.

Advertising portals

Advertising portals are a common place for experienced copywriters and novice freelancers. Everyone can post their offer along with sample texts, which gives a wide range of potential contractors. Unfortunately, along with this, there is a possibility of selecting people without competence who have paid for the promotion of their offer.

Social media groups

Facebook or LinkedIn are home to many professionals as well as students earning extra money. The dichotomy is therefore felt and it is not easy to catch a good opportunity. This does not change the fact that we can find a good copywriter at an affordable price. The diversity of participants, however, makes the randomness of the final effect much greater.

If we need professional and proven texts, it is better to turn to professionals who have been in the industry for a long time. However, if you have a very limited budget or want to hire a copywriter in your company, perhaps a beginner freelancer found on a thematic group will be a better solution.


  1. The choice of a copywriter depends strictly on our requirements.
  2. Knowledge, commitment and the rate are the key factors that we should pay attention to so that the orders turn out to be profitable.
  3. We also cannot ignore issues such as contact or the possibility of issuing an invoice.

Cooperation with a copywriter can significantly contribute to increased profits, so it is worth thinking carefully about your decision and subjecting your expectations to a thorough analysis. There is no ready answer to the question of which copywriter to choose, because for some entrepreneurs the priority will be quality, and for others the price.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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